RA Net


Rock Art Database
RAD FEATURES. The same archive may contain data from different zones. For this reasons it is possible to print records and to compute tables only of a specific area (choosing by the 3 capital letters code).

Main features are the same of a DOS database:
  • data entering
  • correcting
  • browsing
  • deleting
browse records

A form allows the printing of records. Prints are available for:
  • a specific sector
  • a specific rock
  • an entire zone
  • the complete archive
The same for computing. The program allows to compute and to list:
  • percents of categories
  • percents of styles
  • relations and superimpositions of figures
    • in a single rock
    • in a chosen zone
    • in the complete archive

Output is allowed to:
  • printer
  • default or free-name text (ASCII) file
It is also possible to print a list of all figures records of the same 2 numbers code (e.g. 12=Sword weaponed warrior)

Not very long *.txt files can be viewed and edited directly inside the program.

Two HELP files are available with F1-F2 keys

  • the first explains completely the fields in the figure record.
  • the second contains the descriptions of the 2 numbers code
HELP files are automatically updated when changing codes.