Foto 2_stele antropomorfa di Pila delle Penne




  1. Alf_Pir says:

    I found a cupmark with other gutters on the North western side of Bric Ercea. It’s a very interesting site.

  2. Francesco Brunetto says:

    I’m happy for your discoveries.
    What kind of engraved stones did you find?

  3. Alf_Pir says:

    Dear Sir Francesco Brunetto, I reached the rectangular basin , on the top of Bric Ercea nearby Stele of Pila delle Penne. I found also other engraved stones on the top of Bric Ercea. The area is very interesting.

  4. Francesco Brunetto says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have GPS equipment.
    What I can tell you is that, starting from the Stele, the path to follow is to the south-west one, which passes after a few meters the remains of a wall. Quickly you reach the top of the Bric Ercea and continuing to follow traces of trail you come to the stone with the basin.
    The way is about 200 meters in total.
    If you give me an e-mail address, I can send you some pictures I took.

  5. Alf_Pir says:

    Dear Sir Francesco Brunetto, I’m very happy for Your news. Can You provide directions to find the Basin over Bric Ercea?

  6. francesco brunetto says:

    Thank you very much for your indications, I found it! And further some hundreds metres, on the top of Bric Ercea I found also a rectangular basin graven in the stone.

  7. Alf_Pir says:

    You can see this artifact on St. Bernardino Plateau (Finale Ligure) at 310 m above sea level(Lat: 44,19332°N; Long: 8,33095°E), deviating on the left (at 298 m asl; 44,19448°N; 8,33257°E) from the lane connecting St. Bernardino to Ciappo delle Conche.

  8. Francesco says:

    I would like to know where I can found the Stele of Pila delle Penne.


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