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The plight of Portuguese rock art

Guadiana cow


TRACCE no. 13 TRACCE open access papers

Arcà A., Bednarik R.G., Fossati A., Jaffe  L., Simões De Abreu M. 2001.
Damned dams again: the plight of Portuguese rock art, Rock Art Research 2001, volume 18, n. 1, special report insert, pp. i-viii

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UISPP motion for the Guadiana rock Art

Save Guadiana!

TRACCE no. 13 – by UISPP

Lors de la réunion du Conseil Permanent du vendredi 7 septembre 2001, réunie à Liège (Belgique), la motion suivante a été proposée et acceptée. Par la suite, elle a été présenté lors de l’Assemblée générale de l’UISPP, tenue à Bruxelles le samedi 8 septembre.

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The IFRAO position

IFRAO logo

TRACCE no. 13 – by Mila Simoes de Abreu, IFRAO Portugal

The International Federation of Rock Art Organizations applauds the important discovery of rock-engravings by the river Guadiana in Spain and Portugal, in a zone that will be flooded by the Alqueva dam.

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A posição do IFRAO

IFRAO logo

TRACCE no. 13 – de Mila Simoes de Abreu, IFRAO Portugal

Nomeação imediata de uma comissão internacional de acompanhamento verdadeiramente independente. Demissão dos responsáveis do IPA e do CNART que não verificaram o trabalho levado a cabo pela EDIA. Participação internacional do esforço de prospecção, levantamento e estudo das gravuras rupestres do rio Guadiana.

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European project statement


TRACCE no. 13 – by Past Signs and present Memories project

The recent discovery of an important prehistoric art complex in the Iberian Peninsula, in the Guadiana valley, imposes itself as a reason for joy, but also for concern, from the archaeologists and European citizens.

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The LINKS page


TRACCE no. 13 – by Editor

Guadiana rock art related links dating back to 2011. Most of these links are no more working (try Google and Web Archive – Wayback machine): perhaps a broom blow was given over an underwater but still hot problem…

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Alqueva Dam in southern Portugal

Cota 139 movement

TRACCE no. 13 – by Movimento Cota 139

How EU and national policies can still promote unsustainable models of rural development that destroy habitats and species protected under EU law.

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Minimisation? It works (IMHO)!

Pyramids minimisation

TRACCE no. 13 – by IMHO – The International Minimisation Heritage Organisation

A new technique has been found: it is called the “MINIMISATION”. Really very simple: it is sufficient to “MINIMISE” the impact of the dam over the natural and the cultural environment by MINIMISING the natural and the cultural heritage itself. The Columbus’ egg!.

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Alqueva SOS petition

Petition page

TRACCE no. 13 – by International Rock Art Community

List of people who endorsed the petition to Portuguese government and European Union till the 18 February 2002.
Originally posted at:

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Guadiana rock art gallery – Spanish side

the Guadiana river

TRACCE no. 13 – by Editor

16 pictures from the Spanish side of the Guadiana river: environment and rock art (now submerged by the dam)

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Guadiana rock art gallery – Portuguese side

Guadiana rock art

TRACCE no. 13 – by Editor

22 pictures from the Portuguese side of the Guadiana river: many different kinds of rock art figures, now submerged by the dam

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Los Molinos de Cheles

Molino Manzanez

TRACCE no. 13 – by TRACCE editor

(de Cheles 2000 en imágenes)
Esto es un fragmento del libro en el que muestro las fotografías y describo los paisajes, monumentos, fauna y flora próximos a Cheles que van a desaparecer cuando se termine el embalse de Alqueva. En este fragmento están los molinos. es el capítulo más largo del libro

Jacinto Gil Sierra

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Solidarity for Archaeologist Appeal

M. Simoes de Abreu

TRACCE no. 12 – by Ludwig Jaffe

An archaeologist who campaigned to stop a dam from destroying prehistoric rock-art in Portugal’s Côa Valley is appealing against a harsh five-month jail sentence for criminal libel and defamation.

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Archaeology of the Côa Valley

R.G. Bednarik

TRACCE no. 12 – by Robert G. Bednarik

The Côa valley in northern Portugal has been a focus of world archaeology for the past few years, first because of the two bungled archaeological surveys and the subsequent threat of inundation, then because of the reported age estimates of its rock art, and later because of accusations of state-funded archaeological vandalism (1).

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Nuevas pinturas rupestres en Extremadura


TRACCE no. 12 – by H. Collado Giraldo, J.J. García, Colectivo Barbaón

Nuevas pinturas rupestres en Extremadura (España).
Con el título “Un espacio natural con historia: prospección, documentación y puesta en valor del patrimonio histórico y artístico del Parque Natural de Monfragüe (Cáceres)”, se enmarca un proyecto de investigación que es llevado a cabo desde 1997 por el denominado “Colectivo Barbaón”

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The Man of Bicorp

Spain pictograph

TRACCE no. 10 – by Giacomo Omallini

The Man of Bicorp in danger (Cueva de la Arana, Spain).
This rock painting discovered in 1921, in the cave of the Spider(Cueva de la Arana), in the province of Valencia, in Spain, dating back to the end of Palaeolithic, is the most beatiful ‘apiarian’ painting discovered till now.
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Côa Valley three years after

Palaeolithic horses

TRACCE no. 9 – by Mila Simões de Abreu

2nd International Congress of Rupestrian Archaeology
2-5 October 1997 DARFO BOARIO TERME
Giocare sulla pietra nell’occidente d’Italia: 213 tavolieri incisi da Domodossola a Lucca
In November 1994 many worldwide RA researchers were surprised by the announcement of the “discovery” of the engraved rocks in Canada do Inferno, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Portugal.

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Rio Sabor Rock Art discovery

June 1997

TRACCE no. 9 – by Ludwig Jaffe, Mila Simões de Abreu

2nd International Congress of Rupestrian Archaeology
2-5 October 1997 DARFO BOARIO TERME
Rio Sabor Rock Art discovery (Trás-os-Montes Portugal).
The Côa Dam will be substituted by “Laranjera dam”, Sabor river. Also there Palaeolithic style figures have been found, though their importance has been questioned.

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