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I laghi delle Meraviglie e Fontanalba (Celesia 1886)

Fontanalba 1886

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Celesia E., 1886. Escursioni alpine, I. – I laghi delle Meraviglie, II. – Fontanalba, estratto Boll. uff. Min. pubblica istr., fasc. V, maggio 1886, 27 pp., 4 tavv.
| full text-image flip book and PDF (TRACCE 2013 re-editing, public domain) | Italian

[editor’s note: Here the discovery of the Fontanalba area, 68 figures in two plates. The first Italian academic paper on Mt. Bego’s engravings, due to the literatus E. Celesia, who suggests that the engravings were made by the Phoenicians]

by Emanuele CELESIA

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Le rupi scolpite delle Alpi Marittime (Issel 1901)


Fontanalba picture

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Issel A. 1901. Le rupi scolpite nelle alte valli delle Alpi Marittime, Bullettino di paletnologia italiana, s. III, t. VII, a. XXVII, n. 10-12, pp. 218-259.
| full text-image flip book and PDF (from TRACCE scan-OCR, public domain) | Italian

[editor’s note: the most detailed paper until that time on Mt. Bego’s engravings; Issel never recorded the engraved rocks, but attentively examined the literature and was in close and friendly contact with C. Bicknell]

by Arturo ISSEL

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November 8 1994: Côa Valley, a date to remember

José Silvério de Andrade

The rock art community first heard of the existence of a major rock-art site in the Côa river valley on 8 November 1994. In the Anuário da Região Duriense of 1939, José Silvério Andrade refers to several engravings. Andrade’s note never reached the attention of the right scholars. He is the first and real discoverer of the Côa area engravings.

by Mila Simões de Abreu and Alexandre Parafita

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