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Sasso delle Fate prehistoric petroglyphs

Human figure

TRACCE no. 8 – by Daniela Burroni

Prehistoric Petroglyphs at Sasso delle Fate Monte San Savino -Tuscany (Italy).
In 1995 the archaeological group “G.F.Gamurrini” noted the presence of petroglyphs carved in a large boulder situated near Monte San Savino, a small hill town in eastern Tuscany (Figure 1).
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The Virtual Museum of Stelae-Statues

Copper age stela

TRACCE no. 6 – by Paolo Emilio Bagnoli

The Virtual Museum of Stelae-Statues from Lunigiana (Italy).
Thanks to the officials of the Archaeological Superintendency of Tuscany the virtual museum of Stelae-Statues of Lunigiana (Massa Carrara, northern Tuscany, Italy) is on-line again. The legal difficulties concerning the online exposure of the pictures have been overcome. Read more

“Topographic” Engravings (Alpine arc) part ***


TRACCE no. 4 – by Andrea Arcà

The Settled Ground in the “Topographic” Engravings
of the Alpine Arc

* Part 3 *
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