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Grotte Chauvet Archaeologically Dated

Chauvet cave

TRACCE no. 12 – by Christian Züchner

The Grotte Chauvet was discovered at Christmas 1994. A beautiful picture book came out only a few months later (Chauvet et al. 1995). It has been the main source of our knowledge and discussion up to now.

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Archaeology of the Côa Valley

R.G. Bednarik

TRACCE no. 12 – by Robert G. Bednarik

The Côa valley in northern Portugal has been a focus of world archaeology for the past few years, first because of the two bungled archaeological surveys and the subsequent threat of inundation, then because of the reported age estimates of its rock art, and later because of accusations of state-funded archaeological vandalism (1).

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Nuevas pinturas rupestres en Extremadura


TRACCE no. 12 – by H. Collado Giraldo, J.J. García, Colectivo Barbaón

Nuevas pinturas rupestres en Extremadura (España).
Con el título “Un espacio natural con historia: prospección, documentación y puesta en valor del patrimonio histórico y artístico del Parque Natural de Monfragüe (Cáceres)”, se enmarca un proyecto de investigación que es llevado a cabo desde 1997 por el denominado “Colectivo Barbaón”

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Palaeolithic Rock Art in the Austrian Alps?

Kienbachklamm, mammuth?

TRACCE no. 12 – by Werner Pichler

For centuries there was no discussion about supposed Palaeolithic rock engravings in the Austrian Alps. Only in recent years have some references appeared, even some pages on the WWW (e.g. Bednarik), which necessitate clarification.

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Two enigmatic petroglyphs on Fuerteventura


TRACCE no. 12 – by Werner Pichler

Two enigmatic petroglyphs on Fuerteventura/Canary Islands.
As a result of an one years research project in 1993/94 the author was able to document about 780 panels of rock art exclusively on Fuerteventura, one of the eastern islands of the Canarian Archipelago.

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Paspardo, due nuove rocce istoriate

Iron age panoplia

TRACCE no. 12 – by Andrea ARCÀ, Angelo FOSSATI, Elena MARCHI

Due nuove rocce istoriate in località Vite, area di Vite-Deria, Paspardo (Valcamonica, BS).
Durante le ricerche del 1997 sono state rinvenute sei nuove rocce istoriate: due raggiungono grandi dimensioni e vanno segnalate per pregio stilistico ed importanza tematica.

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Paspardo, two recently discovered rocks

Iron Age panolia

TRACCE no. 12 – by Andrea ARCÀ, Angelo FOSSATI, Elena MARCHI

Two recently discovered rocks at Vite, Vite-Deria area, Paspardo (Valcamonica, BS).
During the researches of 1997 six new rocks engraved have been put in light: two of them have very big dimensions and we want to point out these surfaces for the particular styles and few important themes present.

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A rock record in the western Alps

The Novalesa rock

TRACCE no. 12 – by Gruppo Ricerche Cultura Montana (GRCM)

ARchive online project.
Novalesa Municipality (TO-I), “Abbey” site, altitude 800 m. Valcenischia east slope. Engraved surface 150 x 70 cm. The “concentric circles” motif recall the “cup and ring series of Galicia (Pontevedra), Scotland (Galloway), Carschenna

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Le Vie del Ferro, Iron Ways, Les Routes du Fer

Working the iron

TRACCE no. 12 – by Don Sina Middle School (Esine, Valcamonica)

We are the pupils of 2nd B and C from the State Middle School “Don Sina” in Esine (Brescia). Under the guide of our teachers and the archaeologists of Footsteps of Man, we have gone a didactic itinerary entitled “Iron ways”.

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Les Routes du Tissu

Naquane 1

TRACCE no. 12 – by Don Sina Ecole moyenne (Esine, Valcamonica)

Nous sommes les élèves de la troisième classe, section C de l’école moyenne “Don Alessandro Sina” (BS). Sous la direction de notre professeur d’histoire et de deux archéologues de “Les traces de l’homme” de Cerveno nous avons suivi un itinéraire didactique dont le titre est: “Les routes du tissu”.

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Arte Rupestre e Didattica

Didattica a Naquane

TRACCE no. 12 – by Andrea ARCÀ, Angelo FOSSATI, Elena MARCHI

Poster presentato al 3° Convegno Archeologico Regionale – Como, Ottobre 1999.
La Cooperativa Archeologica “Le Orme dell’Uomo” opera, oltre che nel campo della ricerca, anche nel settore della didattica.

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La Galleria d’arte – The Art Gallery

Educational activities

TRACCE no. 12 – by Gruppo Ricerche Cultura Montana (GRCM)

Educational suggestions taken form the book: GAMBARI F.M. – ARCA’ A. 1997, The figure on the rock, educational booklet of rupestrian archaeology.

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Drawings from the summer ’99 fieldwork


TRACCE no. 12 – by Federico Capellaro

Drawings from the summer ’99 Valcamonica fieldwork.
Aarchaeological findings, Rock Art and interpretation, a participant portrait, the TRACCE editor, Coke Age figures, the Ancestor…

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Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver

Alpine rock art

TRACCE no. 12 – by Footsteps of Man – Le Orme dell’Uomo

The Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver is an educational slide-show created to present the prehistoric Alpine Rock Art. It contains 57 slides of the most important sites (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria). 18 general maps have been added for a large overview of the Alpine area. An html preview can be reached online.

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