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TRACCE Online rock Art Bulletin Facebook page

Rock Art of the UK and Ireland

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Abrigo de La Viña (La Manzaneda, Oviedo, Asturias). Estudio de sus grabados parietales | González-Pumariega Solís | Trabajos de Prehistoria

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European Rock Art Trails

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La Facultad de Historia organiza unas jornadas sobre el arte rupestre galaico

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Arte Paleolítico en Asturias

Los grabados de Pendilla (Villamanín, León). Pendilla engravings (Villamanin, Leon). (at the end of the page, you can freely download the latest issue of Nailos, where you will find the paper about Pendilla)

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On confluence and contestation in the Orinoco interaction sphere: the engraved rock art of the Atures Rapids | Antiquity | Cambridge Core

“The Atures Rapids have long been considered a major point of confluence in the Middle Orinoco landscape, Venezuela.This has been underlined by newly discovered rock art panels on islands within the Rapids and on the margins of the Orinoco River”

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Friends of Cedar Mesa

On December 4th, President Trump signed a proclamation attempting to eviscerate more than 1.1 million of Bears Ears National Monument, an 85% reduction. This dramatic attack includes almost all of Cedar Mesa, the crown jewel of Bears Ears archaeology.

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The Wushan Rock Art Paintings in China

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De la grotte à la Caverne du Pont-d'Arc

bonne nuit

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The Welsh Rock Art Organisation (WRAO)

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A.c. Cultura Do País

+++URGENTE!+++ Il più importante sito galiziano del paleolitico superiore, quello di Pena Grande, è in vendita e quindi in pericolo per eventuali speculazioni! Per salvarlo, l’associazione A.c. Cultura Do País ha lanciato una campagna di raccolta fondi..

1 likes, 2 comments2 weeks ago

Ancient Enthusiast-Æ


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Cuevas Prehistóricas de Cantabria

Soon we will host on TRACCE a mini guide to visit the Cantabrian caves, by Daniel Garrido Pimentel. Meanwhile, watch this

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IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION FOR THE NEXT Ifrao2018: Dear friends and colleagues, Due to a number of requests (both from the chaipersons and from several scholars submitting abstracts), we are happy to announce that the deadline for the call for papers for..

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Mapa de las nuevas pinturas rupestres de Cantabria

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North Meets South

New publication

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Scoperte in Arabia le prime raffigurazioni di cani addomesticati

12 likes, 1 comments4 weeks ago

Ancient Enthusiast-Æ

18 likes, 2 comments1 month ago

Edestiaurre Arkeologi Elkartea

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Bradshaw Foundation

Reports on the current work to scan the cave of Cosquer due to fears of damage due to rising waters.

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Comienzan los preparativos para los 50 años del descubrimiento de Tito Bustillo

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Progress in directly dating southern African rock paintings


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Peñas de Cabrera: Vida figurada entre las piedras

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SHARE AND SUPPORT! STILL 31 DAYS LEFT! The rock engravings or petroglyphs of Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula), Western Australia form the largest collection of rock art in the world. Governments have encouraged industrial development immediately adjacent to..

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Yves Coppens : "j'aimerais que d'autres yeux que les nôtres puissent voir Lascaux"

Yves Coppens, président du conseil scientifique chargé de la protection de la grotte de Lascaux, dresse le bilan de ses sept ans de mandat. Lascaux est aujourd’hui sauvée mais son ouverture au public, n’est pas à l’ordre du jour.

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