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Sculptures préhistoriques, Merveilles (Clugnet 1877)


1877 relevés

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Clugnet Léon, 1877. Sculptures préhistoriques situées sur les bords du lacs des Merveilles (au sud-est du col de Tende, Italie), pp. 379-387.
| full text-image flip book and PDF (from Gallica – BnF, public domain) | French

[editor’s note: research history, In this paper, the first French work, the author, a librarian from Lyon, supports the idea that the engravings were made by shepherds or hunters; detailed plates]


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Valcamonica&Valtellina, novità dalla ricerca

Copper Age daggers

Valcamonica and Valtellina, news from the research field. April 28 2012, Capo di Ponte, Valcamonica: presentation of the Volume XXII of the Bullettin d’études préhistoriques et archéologiques Alpines.

by Angelo E. FOSSATI


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