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Reflecting (on) Petroglyphs: Two Cases


Parque Diaguita

Two instances of special petroglyph manifestations in Namibia (Twyfelfontein Valley) and Peru (Virú Valley), having very limited visibility, will be discussed in this paper.
Dos casos de manifestaciones especiales de petroglifos en Namibia (Valle de Twyfelfontein) y Perú (Valle de Virú), que demuestran de tener una visibilidad muy limitada, serán discutidos en este documento.

by Maarten van Hoek

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Chiza, Interpreting Digitally Restored Petroglyphs

Chiza petroglyph

Chiza Petroglyphs

The goal of this paper is to offer the interested reader a digital restoration and interpretation of the images of a vandalized petroglyph boulder located in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile. Its damaged face underscores the urgent necessity to ([photo])graphic record rock art sites in general. It is hoped that very soon a complete survey will be made of the Chiza petroglyph site and that the official survey will be made available to rock art researchers.

by Maarten van Hoek

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The Motocachy Pampa Disaster, Peru

Figure 011a

Motocachy Pampa

The UNESCO’s World Heritage List now registers almost a thousand properties. Only two percent of the World Heritage List comprises rock art sites. Regrettably 44 of those properties are in danger, which proves that being on the World Heritage List is not a guarantee that nothing will endanger the site. I will focus the discussion mainly on rock art sites in the deserts of western Peru.

by Maarten van Hoek – rockart@home.nl

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Rupestreweb, 17 new papers online



January 2013, seventeen new papers on Rupestreweb, the best online Mid and South-America rock art review; a rich overlook about: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Cuba, México, Perú, República Dominicana. Petroglyphs, rock paintings, research, archaeology… want you claim more?
Rupestreweb, Arte rupestre en América Latina.

by Rupestreweb

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Encuentro Arte Rupestre PERU

Toro Muerto

Meeting Rock Art Perú (June 30, July 7) 2004. Lima-PERU. Programa.

right: from A. Núñez Jiménez A., 986, Petroglifos del Perú. Fig. 2561

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Rupestre – Arte Rupestre en Colombia

TRACCE no. 11 – by C.N. Dubelaar

Año 2 numero 2. Julio de 1998. ISSN 0123-7675.

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A conclusão do levantamento de arte rupestre

Ilha de Santa Catarina

TRACCE no. 11 – by Rodrigo Aguiar

A conclusão do levantamento de arte rupestre (parte **) na Ilha de Santa Catarina e ilhas adjacentes – Brasil.
Os petroglifos sofrem constantes agressões, que vão desde caminhar pôr sobre as inscrições, riscar o petroglifo com um pedaço de pedra, pichações com tinta óleo… .

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