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Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver
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The Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver is an educational slide-show created to present the prehistoric Alpine Rock Art. It contains 57 slides of the most important sites (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria). 18 general maps have been added for a large overview of the Alpine area. An html preview can be reached online.

Alpine Rock Art Screen Saver is FREE for any EDUCATIONAL or PERSONAL purpose.


  • Target platforms: Win95, 98, XP.
  • Easy install/uninstall.
  • English caption for each slide.
  • Changeable timing from 5 to 500 seconds each slide.
  • Default timing 15 seconds (8 for maps), 16 minutes total.
  • 64K colors required, no particular screen sizing.
  • Various display effects.
  • Editor's choice: MEDIUM DURATION and PICTURE SLIDE.
  • Possibility of starting from any slide by clicking on it in the settings menu.
  • NO TITLE to use pictures for any COMMERCIAL use.
  • Pictures by (©) A. Arcà, Orme 1977-2000

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