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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 3 – May 1996

architectural figure

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 3
2 May 1996 – cover and index only

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TRACCE no. 3

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TRACCE no. 3

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Medieval rock engravings at S. Maria del Giudice (Lucca , Italy)

Monte Cotrozzi

TRACCE no. 3 – by P.E.Bagnoli

Some new and unpublished rock engravings were recently found at Monte Cotrozzi, near S. Maria del Giudice (Lucca , Tuscany, Italy), which is one of the minor hills of the Monti Pisani, separating the towns of Pisa and Lucca. Read more

Why Rock Art?

Susan Reynolds The Canvaswriter

TRACCE no. 3 – by Susan Reynolds

I hated science. But I needed science, and the social sciences seemed less intimidating than the physical, so I chose cultural anthropology as “the easy way out.” I had raised my daughters and now I decided to follow one of my dreams, a university education. Now here I was, sitting in a darkened room, with 20 fellow students the age of my own daughters, with a strange little professor rambling on about rocks, dating techniques, the difference between skulls, Paleolithic somethings… Read more

A New Rock from Naquane

Naquane, Rock No.34

TRACCE no. 3 – by Katalin Ernyey

I had got the opportunity to study a new rock, the No. 34 of the National Park of Engravings, Naquane, Italy and to summarize my studies about the prehistoric Valcamonica in the framework of my university thesis… Read more

Valcamonica Rock Art: the Architectural Representations

Naquane rock 35

TRACCE no. 3 – by Emanuela Tognoni

The architectural representations carved on the rocks of Valcamonica are commonly interpreted as constructions: dwelling-places or temples, real or imaginary buildings.
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The Mid-America Geographic Foundation

TRACCE no. 3 – by Jack Steinbring

The Mid-America Geographic Foundation was formed in 1993 as a non-profit, educational/cultural organization under both U.S. and Wisconsin State laws. Money received by the Foundation is tax-deductible.
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“Topographic” Engravings (Alpine arc) part **

Vite, rock no. 3

TRACCE no. 3 – by Andrea Arcà

The Settled Ground
in the “Topographic” Engravings
of the Alpine Arc

* Part 2 *

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The State of the Research (Alpine Arc) part **

Valcamonica, Naquane Rock 1

TRACCE no. 3 – by Angelo Fossati

The state of the research: Alpine and Italian post-palaeolithic Rock Art 1990-1995

* Part 2 - The Central Alps *

Today most of the discussions concerns the so-called “neolithic” rock art… Read more

Galician Petroglyphs in the valley of the river Lérez, Pontevedra

Deers, daggers and tracks

TRACCE no. 3 – by Antonio Alvarez Nuñez

During the Prehistoric Stage the cultural heritage of Galicia was enriched with artistic demonstrations that are extremely striking, due to their strength of personality, art that is exposed to the open air: petroglyphs. Read more

Ossimo Chalcolithic site (Central Alps)

Ossimo 4 boulder

TRACCE no. 3 – by F.G. Fedele

The discovery of new engraved stelae at Ossimo Superiore in 1988 provided a long-awaited opportunity to excavate and study ceremonial Chalcolithic (or Copper Age) sites in Val Camonica and the central Alpine region (1). Investigations at the main site, L’Anvòia OS4, were resumed in 1993 and are currently in progress (2)Read more

A question of style – Direct Dating vs. Rupestrian Archaeology?

Côa Valley, Canada do Inferno

TRACCE no. 3 – by A. Arcà, A. Fossati

If the battle for saving Côa Valley petroglyphs against the dam has been successful, another “fight” is now enlightened: the dispute between archaeologists who (unanimously) sustain the Palaeolithic age of Côa engraved rocks, and direct-dating researchers, trying to demonstrate their (very) recent antiquity. Read more

Some corrections about the Côa petroglyphs

Microscopic scanning…

TRACCE no. 3 – by Robert G. Bednarik

The member organizations of IFRAO, galvanized under the spirited leadership of Dr Mila Simões de Abreu of APAAR (Portugal), have succeeded in rallying sufficient international support to convince the government of Portugal to avert the imminent inundation of the rock art in the Côa valley. Read more

The Peterborough Tragedy (Canada)

TRACCE no.3 – by Paul G. Bahn, Robert G. Bednarik, Jack Steinbring

We would like to draw the attention of Tracce readers to our recent illustrated paper in Rock Art Research in which we reveal for the first time… Read more