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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 1 – Jan 1996

Côa figure

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 1
11 January 1996 – cover and index only

PDF version also available

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New Iron Age engraved rocks found in western Alps


TRACCE no. 1 – by Gianni Cametti – Patrizia Meirano

Western Alps. New Iron Age engraved rocks were found on July 1995 in Valcenischia Valley, west of Turin, at more than 2300 m above sea level.
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Rupe Magna, the biggest engraved rock in the Alps

Rupe Magna figure

TRACCE no. 1 – by Arcà, Fossati, Marchi, Tognoni

Rupe Magna is situated at Grosio, Valtellina, northern Italy. It was found in 1970 by Davide Pace, simply scratching away the moss stratum. The nearest Rock Art of Giroldo was found by the same Pace five years before.
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Direct dating: does it work?

Coa valley

TRACCE no. 1 – by Andrea Arcà

Direct dating: does it work? The Côa Valley experience. For the first time in Europe supposed scientific direct dating methods on open air rocks have been applied. According to the necessity of doing an experimental test, the site chosen was little and not relevant: the Côa Valley petroglyph site, the first European open air rock art site in palaeolithic style.
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Cemmo boulders menaced by a road

Cemmo 2 boulder

TRACCE no. 1 – by Angelo Fossati and Elena Marchi

In this article there is outlined the story of the road and of the tunnel that the Capo di Ponte Municipality (Valcamonica, Italy) is opening 60 meters far from the Cemmo Boulders.
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