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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 2 – Mar 1996

Redondo rock

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 2
27 February 1996 – cover and index only

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Guestbook & new features

TRACCE no. 2 – by guestbook people

1996 TRACCE guestbook posts
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Short news and appointments

TRACCE no. 2

Rock Art mail list 1996 January-February subjects, short news, how to contribute…
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Archeo-links, rock art links (“retro” web)

TRACCE no. 2 – “retro” web

1996: main archeological links and rock art links.
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“Topographic” Engravings (Alpine arc) part *

Vite rock 20

TRACCE no. 2 – by Andrea Arcà

The Settled Ground
in the “Topographic” Engravings
of the Alpine Arc

* Part 1 *

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The State of the Research (Alpine Arc) part *

Ibexes rock

TRACCE no. 2 – by Angelo Fossati

The state of the research: Alpine and Italian post-palaeolithic Rock Art 1990-1995

* Part 1 - The Western Alps *

In the western areas of the Alps different new sites have been brought to light.
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Rock no. 20 of Redondo (Valcamonica)

Redondo rock

TRACCE no. 2 – by Elena Marchi

The Iron Age is particularly interesting in Camunian Rock Art for the abundance and the variety of figurative themes
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Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Missouri

TRACCE no. 2 – by Carol Diaz-Granados

In 1993, a two-volume dissertation was completed entitled: The Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Missouri: A distributional, stylistic, contextual, temporal, and functional analysis of the state’s rock graphics.
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Rock Art and Lilliputian Hallucinations

Pipestone. Minnesota

TRACCE no. 2 – by Kevin L. Callahan

Ethnohistorical sources regarding the creation of rock art around the world frequently make reference to “little people” as the makers of rock art. As David Whitley (1991) has noted, this may be due to a taboo against talking about a dead shaman and not verbally distinguishing the shaman’s spirit helper or tutelary spirit from the deceased shaman
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Rock Art & the WEB

Lascaux cave

TRACCE no. 2 – by Andrea Arcà

If we imagine any HOST of the web as a directory and every URL as a file of a unique computer, we can immediately realise that we are working with the biggest data “store” ever created by man. The electronic memory grows day by day, HTML by HTML, JPG by JPG. If Rock Art plays a good role in the web, it’s sure that the web could play the best role for Rock Art.
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