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Ròch dij Gieugh

Ròch dij Gieugh

[Usseglio: culti in ambiente alpino, archeologia e arte rupestre]. A new exhibition room dedicated to the cults of the Alps has recently enriched the Civic Alpine Museum Arnaldo Tazzetti of Usseglio. A part of the room is devoted to the monumental Ròch dij Gieugh, an engraved stone situated on the slopes of the Usseglio mountains. The interest in this rock is given by the great number of shoeprints connected to a complex network of cup-marks and grooves. New important discoveries emerged during the recent tracing: three figures of Iron Age warriors and a possible votive inscription to Juppiter, the first found in the Alps on a cup-marked rock [ENG-ITA].

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The Ibexes Rock


Ibex hunting scene

The Ibexes Rock shows one of the most interesting Iron Age hunting scenes (VII-IV cent. BC) of the western Alps. At the same time it hosts the highest alpine Roman inscriptions (I sec. AD). Many similarities with the Camunnian engraved hunting scenes, while here the ibex takes the place of the deer [these notes are taken by the EuroPreArt (European Prehistoric Art) database, short photogallery added].

by EuroPreArt

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