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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 6 – Jan 1997


TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 6
8 January 1997 – cover and index only

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TRACCE no. 6

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“Topographic” Engravings (Alpine arc) part ****

Paspardo, VIT20

TRACCE no. 6 – by Andrea Arcà

The Settled Ground in the “Topographic” Engravings
of the Alpine Arc

* Part 4 *
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The Graffiti in Camunnian Rock Art

Paspardo warrior

TRACCE no. 6 – by Elena Marchi

Valcamonica Rock Art is constituted of thousands of engravings. Prehistoric man chose, as support for the figures, almost always a sedimentary rock, compact, reddish-grey, perfectly polished by the glaciers: the Permian sandstone. Read more

The Virtual Museum of Stelae-Statues

Copper age stela

TRACCE no. 6 – by Paolo Emilio Bagnoli

The Virtual Museum of Stelae-Statues from Lunigiana (Italy).
Thanks to the officials of the Archaeological Superintendency of Tuscany the virtual museum of Stelae-Statues of Lunigiana (Massa Carrara, northern Tuscany, Italy) is on-line again. The legal difficulties concerning the online exposure of the pictures have been overcome. Read more

Rupestrian Archaeology

Valcamonica, tracing

TRACCE no. 6 – by Angelo Fossati

The term Rupestrian archaeology was coined in Val Camonica in 1989 to indicate the need to treat the study of “rock art” as an archaeological discipline, on par with other branches. Read more

Vale de Vermelhosa: scale drawings

Vermelhosa scale drawing

TRACCE no. 6 – by Jane Kolber

Scale drawings of the Vale de Vermelhosa Engravings.
The Etched in Time Project invited me to be a participant in recording the engravings in the Vale de Vermelhosa (Côa Valley Area, Portugal). Read more