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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 7 – May 1997

Camunnian rose

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 7
12 May 1997 – cover and index only

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Call for papers

TRACCE no. 7 – by editor

We launch this short call (sustained by the “advertising banners” on the top of each article): please feel free to send us short papers about any RA related theme. Read more

Funny petroglyphs

Uncle frog

TRACCE no. 7 – by Angelo Fossati – Elena Marchi

The prehistoric man had some times a very good sense of humor. He left us some funny images: men, women and animals in “strange” positions or with different objects… Read more

The “Camunnian Rose”, Valcamonica Rock Art

A “Camunnian rose”

TRACCE no. 7 – by Paola Farina

The motif of the “Camunnian Rose” in the Rock Art of Valcamonica (Italy). Part *. The shape of the so-called “camunian rose”, engraved on several rocks of Val Camonica, consists of a sinuous quadrilobate groove, winding around 9 cup-marks, whose disposition is fixed and is a recurring model; today this pattern is well-known, also because lately it has become the symbol of Lombardia. Read more

Scratched horses in a relief

Iron age rider

Iron age rider

TRACCE no. 7 – by Elena Marchi

Scratched horses in a relief from Cividate Camuno – Valcamonica (Italy). The Camunnian rock art of the Iron Age is characterised, besides thousands of hammered engravings of warriors, hunters, animals, scenes of ploughing, of breeding, figures of houses, engraved with a careful and naturalistic style, also by engravings of inscriptions and alphabet in the so called Camunnian alphabet. Read more

Jack Belmondo – in memoriam

Alpine granary

TRACCE no. 7 – by Footsteps of Man

Jack Belmondo (Giuseppe Belfiore Mondoni).
Jack Belmondo (stage name of Giuseppe Belfiore Mondoni) has been considered one of the most important experimental archaeologists in Italy and probably in Europe
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Pakistan Rock Art Photo Gallery


TRACCE no. 7 – by Ulrich Schendzielorz

The photos were produced in 1994 as an assignment of the German science magazine ‘Bild der Wissenschaft’ in cooperation with Prof. Harald Hauptmann of the ‘Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften’. Read more

Die Felsbildstation Shatial (Pakistan)


TRACCE no. 7 – by Martin Bemmann

The second volume of “Materialien zur Archaeologie der Nordgebiete Pakistans” is dealing with the petroglyph site Shatial, 60km west of Chilas in the upper Indus valley of Pakistan. Read more

Karakorum Highway Rock Carvings

Stupa and Buddha

TRACCE no. 7 – by Martin Bemmann, Ditte Koenig

Rock Carvings and Inscriptions along the Karakorum Highway (Pakistan).
Shortly after the construction of the Karakorum Highway connecting Pakistan and China through the Himalayan and Karakorum mountains, in 1978, Prof. Karl Jettmar (Heidelberg, Germany) and Prof. A.H. Dani (Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan) discovered thousands of petroglyphs and inscriptions along the Indus valley. Read more

Pakistani Petroglyphs

Chilas Buddha

TRACCE no. 7 – by editor

An online abstract of an Archaeology (Official Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America) article, January/February 1997, and some recent messages in the Rock Art Mail List pointed the attention over the petroglyps in Pakistan and a new dam building. Read more

IFRAO meeting

IFRAO logo

TRACCE no. 7 – by R. G. Bednarik

The 1997 IFRAO Meeting was held at Cochabamba, on 2 April 1997, as part of the Congreso Internacional de Arte Rupestre held by SIARB. The event was chaired by Roy Querejazu Lewis (President of SIARB). Read more

III Coloquio Internacional de Arte Megalítico

Collado de Sejos

TRACCE no. 7 – by J.M. Bello

La organización del III Coloquio, que se desarrollará en La Coruña (Galicia, España) entre el 8 y el 13 de septiembre de 1997, corre a cargo de J.M. Bello, R. de Balbín y P. Bueno, con la colaboración de B. Bas, M. Rey y M. San Claudio, bajo el patrocinio del Ayuntamiento de La Coruña a través del Museo Arqueológico e Histórico de dicha ciudad. Read more

URARA 17th Annual Symposium

Owl Panel, Nine Mile Canyon

TRACCE no. 7 – by URARA

The Utah Rock Art Research Association presents the 17th Annual Symposium in Price Utah at the Civic Auditorium August 29th through September 1st, 1997. Read more

Crossing Frontiers

Palaeolithic figure

TRACCE no. 7 – by Mila Simoes de Abreu

Crossing Frontiers first announcement for IRAC 1998 (ver. 1997.05.03)
UTAD (Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro) is the venue of the 1998 International Rock-Art Congress (IRAC 1998) which takes place in Vila Real, a charming town in the north of Portugal, from 6-12 September 1998.
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2nd International Congress

Congress logo

TRACCE no. 7 – by Congress staff

2nd International Congress of Rupestrian Archaeology.
Archaeology and Rock Art. Europe – Alps – Valcamonica
2 – 5 October 1997, Palazzo dei Congressi
Boario Congressi – Via Manifattura 25041 DARFO BOARIO TERME
(Valcamonica – BS – ITALY).
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RockArtNet Iconographic Database


TRACCE no. 7 – by Andrea Arcà

More than 30 messages in the last days of April 1997 were sent to the Rock Art email List, with the subject “suggestion”. They were all pointing to the opportunity of exchanging RA related pictures via Internet. These messages represented one of the most important and useful web discussion in the last 12 months. Read more

Save Petroglyph National Monument

Paseo the Road to Nowhere

TRACCE no. 7 – by Friends of the Albuquerque Petroglyphs

Save Petroglyph National Monument (Albuquerque – New Mexico – USA).
Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) and Congressmen Steve Schiff (R-NM) and Joe Skeen (R-NM) have announced they will introduce legislation to allow Paseo del Norte, a six-lane freeway-type road, to be built through Petroglyph National Monument.
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Tracing the Past

Tracing at Fontanalba

TRACCE no. 7 – by Angelo Fossati – Andrea Arcà

Tracing the Past. Petroglyph reproduction for Rupestrian Archaeology
This paper reproduces the poster for ARARA meeting May ’97.
It has also many points in common with the previous article of A. Fossati in TRACCE 6, while showing something more. It also represents a good introduction to our tracing professional workshop.
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