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TRACCE Online RA Bulletin 39 special issue – July 2016

TRACCE special issue

On the occasion of the Valcamonica summer fieldschool

21st July -11 August 2016 Paspardo (BS – I)

Edited by Dario SIGARI


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AsTrend, ancient carvings enhanced



A short outline of a new low cost methodology: we present the AsTrend, a new methodology for enhance and depict details of the 3D models. This technique is being revealed as an accurate method to study rock art carvings and inscriptions. We think that this method could be used by everyone as the main study objects are based in low cost photogrammetry on the acquisition of 3D models.

by M. Carrero-Pazos, A. Vázquez-Martínez, B. Vilas-Estévez

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