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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 8 – Jul 1997

La Gasulla

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 8
1 July 1997 – cover and index only

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Call for papers

TRACCE no. 8 – by editor

Call for papers for TRACCE 10. Read more

Rock art studies: NEWS of the world I

Book cover

TRACCE no. 8 – by editor

Recent Developments in Rock Art Research
(Acts of Symposium 14D at the NEWS95 World Rock Art Congress, Turin and Pinerolo, Italy)
Edited by Paul G. Bahn & Angelo Fossati
Oxbow Monograph 72- 1996. Read more

Call for sessions proposals

TRACCE no. 8 – by Jack Steinbring

1999 International Rock Art Congress
at Ripon College
Ripon, Wisconsin, U.S.A., MAY 23 – 31 Read more



TRACCE no. 8 – by P.G. Bahn

The 8th International Congress of IFRAO, the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations, took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia, from April 1 to 6, organised and hosted by SIARB, the Sociedad de Investigación del Arte Rupestre de Bolivia Read more

2nd International Congress

Congress logo

TRACCE no. 8 – by Congress staff

2nd International Congress of Rupestrian Archaeology2nd announcement
Archaeology and Rock Art. Europe – Alps – Valcamonica
2 – 5 October 1997, Palazzo dei Congressi
Boario Congressi – Via Manifattura 25041 DARFO BOARIO TERME
(Valcamonica – BS – ITALY).
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Toro Muerto Paul Bahn’s report

Toro Muerto

TRACCE no. 8 – by Matthias Strecker

Toro Muerto Paul Bahn’s report of 30/4/97.
Paul Bahn reports on his visit to Toro Muerto on 18th April 1997, together with Elena Miklashevich, in the company of Eloy Linares Málaga (ELM). He rightly states that the number of engraved figures has been exaggerated by ELM.
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Toro Muerto (Peru)

Toro Muerto

TRACCE no. 8 – by P.G. Bahn

Together with Elena Miklashevich of Kemerovo, Siberia, I paid a visit to the Toro Muerto petroglyph site, Peru, on 18th April 1997, in the company of a commercial tour-guide and also of Eloy Linares Malaga, who first brought the site to the world’s attention over 40 years ago. Read more

Slide scanning


TRACCE no. 8 – by Andrea Arcà

Slide scanning for a digital archive.
Each rock art Association and each rock art researcher, professional and amateur, probably owns hundreds or thousands of Rock Art related pictures, b/w and colour negative or positive (slides).
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Digital image processing

La Saltadora rockshelter

TRACCE no. 8 – by J.M.V. García, I. Montero Ruiz, A. R. Alcalde

Digital image processing and prehistoric art.
the digitalizing of the Rock Art Archives of the Departamento de Prehistoria (Centro de Estudios Históricos, C.S.I.C.).
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Funny petroglyphs II

La Bosca

TRACCE no. 8 – by Angelo Fossati, Elena Marchi

The prehistoric man had some times a very good sense of humor. He left us some funny images: men, women and animals in “strange” positions or with different objects… Read more

The Salomon’s knot

Salomon’s knot

TRACCE no. 8 – by Umberto Sansoni

We are developing a research on the symbol of the “Salomon’s knot”, checked since I-IV Century AD… Read more

Sasso delle Fate prehistoric petroglyphs

Human figure

TRACCE no. 8 – by Daniela Burroni

Prehistoric Petroglyphs at Sasso delle Fate Monte San Savino -Tuscany (Italy).
In 1995 the archaeological group “G.F.Gamurrini” noted the presence of petroglyphs carved in a large boulder situated near Monte San Savino, a small hill town in eastern Tuscany (Figure 1).
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New Course in Rock Art Studies (Australia)

Thylacinus cynocephalus

TRACCE no. 8 – by Alan Watchman

New Course in Rock Art Studies (Australia).The School of Anthropology and Archaeology, James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, is offering a new course in rock art studies for 1998. Read more

Following Tracks (Namibia)

Twyfelfontein Zebra

TRACCE no. 8 – by Grant S. McCall

Following Tracks (Namibia). In the country of Namibia, in southern Africa, one may find one of the most dense occurrences of rock art in the world. Read more