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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 10 – May 1998


TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 10
1 May 1998 – cover and index only

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Alla scoperta del nostro passato

Guerriero dell’età del Ferro

TRACCE no. 10 – by Don A. Sina school, Esine

Alla scoperta del nostro passato. Esperienze didattiche in Valcamonica.
Tra le attività della Cooperativa Archeologica Le Orme dell’Uomo la didattica riveste un ruolo particolarmente importante, in quanto la diffusione della conoscenza dell’arte rupestre deve avere inizio nelle scuola.
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Discovering the Past

Iron Age warrior

TRACCE no. 10 – by Don A. Sina school, Esine

Discovering the Past – A la découverte de notre passé – Educational experiences in Valcamonica.
Among the activities of the Archaeological Cooperative Society Le Orme dell’Uomo the educational programmes are very important: the communication of the rock art knowledge must begin in the schools.
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Sui Sentieri dell’Arte Rupestre

Naquane roccia 1

TRACCE no. 10 – by Andrea Arcà

Sui Sentieri dell’Arte Rupestre. Laboratorio didattico per scuole elementari e medie.
Il laboratorio “Sui Sentieri dell’Arte Rupestre” si prefigge due scopi principali: avvicinare i bambini e i ragazzi alla preistoria; educare all’immagine tramite lo studio dell’iconografia rupestre.
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Walking on the Rock Art Paths

Naquane rock 1

TRACCE no. 10 – by Andrea Arcà

Walking on the Rock Art Paths. educational workshop with elementary and middle schools
The workshop “Walking on the Rock Art Paths” has two main purposes: to bring the children nearer to prehistory; to educate to the image through the study of rupestrian iconography.
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Rock and Roll with the Camunnians

A lot of weapons!

TRACCE no. 10 – by Fieldwork participants

Rock and Roll with the Camunnians. Did they have ladders in the prehistory?
The slopes beneath the Village of Paspardo are steep, very steep. Far below is the River Re, and high up are the ruins of a mediaeval castle…
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International Prehistoric Art Conference


TRACCE no. 10 – by Elena Mìklashevich

International Prehistoric Art Conference 3-8 August 1998, Kemerovo, RUSSIA.
Organized by:
– Siberian Association of Prehistoric Art Research (SAPAR)
– Kemerovo State University
– Museum-Preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” .
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The Sword on the Rock

Iron Age swordman

TRACCE no. 10 – by Gruppo Ricerche Cultura Montana

The Sword on the Rock. Dances and duels between Rock Art and popular tradition in the Moncenisio Valleys (Italy) .
Round Table – Saturday May 23, 1998 – Novalesa Abbey. Organized by the Novalesa Municipality and the GRCM – Gruppo Ricerche Cultura Montana (Mountain Heritage Research Group), Turin.
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The Swastika Stone

Swastika Stone

TRACCE no. 10 – by Gyrus

The Swastika Stone near Ilkley in West Yorkshire (England).
I would like to present some findings and ideas in relation to the so-called Swastika Stone, located on the moors near Ilkley in West Yorkshire, England.
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The motif of the “Camunian Rose”

Camunian rose

TRACCE no. 10 – by Paola Farina

The motif of the “Camunian Rose” in the rock art of Valcamonica (Italy) part **.
In the past the scholars proposed some hypotheses about the meaning of the “Camunian rose”, engraved on several rocks in Valcamonica…
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The Man of Bicorp

Spain pictograph

TRACCE no. 10 – by Giacomo Omallini

The Man of Bicorp in danger (Cueva de la Arana, Spain).
This rock painting discovered in 1921, in the cave of the Spider(Cueva de la Arana), in the province of Valencia, in Spain, dating back to the end of Palaeolithic, is the most beatiful ‘apiarian’ painting discovered till now.
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Looking Back at Four Years of Advocacy

Low rail barrier

TRACCE no. 10 – by M. Leigh Marymor

Looking Back at Four Years of Advocacy for the Ring Mountain Petroglyphs – California (USA).
In the Fall of 1993, the Bay Area Rock Art Research Association (BARARA) began an effort to insure protections for the Ring Mountain petroglyphs in Tiburon (Marin County), California .
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Rock Art in the Himalayas


TRACCE no. 10 – by Yashodahar Mathpal

The Himalayas are the highest land formations on our globe. Traditionally they are identified as the embodiment of God, and therefore, are allowed with a divine aura. The Indian mysticism and spirituality are largely associated with these awe-inspiring glittering lofty masses. Read more

A conclusão do levantamento de arte rupestre

Aranhas Island

Ilha das Aranhas

TRACCE no. 10 – by Rodrigo Aguiar

A conclusão do levantamento de arte rupestre (part *) na Ilha de Santa Catarina e ilhas adjacentes (Brasil).
A ilha de Santa Catarina em sua extensão tem praias arenosas separadas por pontais rochosos e diques de diabásio, onde ocorrem os petroglifos.
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The conclusion of the rock art survey (part *)

Aranhas Island

Aranhas Island

TRACCE no. 10 – by Rodrigo Aguiar

The conclusion of the rock art survey (part *) in Santa Catarina Island and adjacent islands (Brazil).
Santa Catarina Island shows sandy beaches separated by rock tongues and dikes of diabase, where the petroglyphs occur.
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Petroglyphs dated in Central Bolivia

Bolivia cupmarks

TRACCE no. 10 – by Robert G. Bednarik

While some direct rock art dating methods are facing significant challenges, one of them, the microerosion method, is going from strength to strength. Read more

Orientalizing motives in alpine rock art

Pazyryk horse

TRACCE no. 10 – by † Burchard Brentjes

Orientalizing motives in alpine rock art.
The rich ensemble of rock art in the Valle Camonica comprises several motives for which oriental parallels could be mentioned.
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The Trowel and the Drum

Dry Fork Canyon

TRACCE no. 10 – by Jeffery R. Hanson

The Trowel and the Drum: contrastive Approaches to Rock Art.
Located on the McKonkie Ranch in the Dry Fork Canyon near the town of Vernal, canyon walls contain some of the most spectacular examples of prehistoric petroglyphs…
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