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The strange case of snow-circles and cup-and-rings


A contemporary land-art performance curiously produces the same patterns engraved on prehistoric petroglyphs. Maybe a relationship with the landscape, real or symbolical, should be considered? Here the voices of Sonja Hinrichsen, the artist, and of Andrea Arcà, the archaeologist. The debate is open.

by Andrea Arcà and Sonja Hinrichsen

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Recording British Rock Art

Weetwood Moor

TRACCE no. 11 – by Elizabeth Donnan

Despite the recent upsurge of interest in rock art studies relatively little research has been conducted into the reasons behind the techniques used to record discoveries in the field. At present the techniques in use have been defined and influenced by current issues of interest which focus on interpretation and meaning with little regard to recording methodology…

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The Swastika Stone

Swastika Stone

TRACCE no. 10 – by Gyrus

The Swastika Stone near Ilkley in West Yorkshire (England).
I would like to present some findings and ideas in relation to the so-called Swastika Stone, located on the moors near Ilkley in West Yorkshire, England.
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