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Calling Cards: a New Plains Rock Art Site Type

Calling Card rock art sites, drawn by war parties in enemy territory to taunt their adversaries by illustrating deeds executed against them, are a newly identified site type on the northern Plains of North America. One such site is Cheval Bonnet, a small petroglyph in Northern Montana. Containing coup counting and horse raiding narratives from the early 1800s, analysis of these images shows that most of the petroglyphs can be identified as Crow drawings, even though they are carved in the heart of Historic Blackfeet tribal territory. Once this site was identified as a calling card petroglyph, I was able to identify three others elsewhere on the northern Plains (PDF available).

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Rock art across Australia

Wandjina spirit

As rock art theory has largely been refracted through western conceptual and epistemological underpinnings, it is a valuable (and timely) exercise to redirect art theory through the lens of Indigenous Australians’ geographical and cultural settings. For reasons of brevity, this critical exploration is not to offer a comprehensive road map pertaining to all aspects of vastly complicated socio-artistic elements of Australian Indigenous society but to stimulate discussion.

by Marisa GIORGI

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Il Finalese: commerci e cultura megalitica nella preistoria

Ciappo Pianarella

Ciappo Pianarella

Gli Autori, in seguito alla disamina di studi internazionali ed alle recenti osservazioni personali sull’argomento in esame, analizzano l’importanza della zona di Finale Ligure (Provincia di Savona, Liguria Occidentale, Italia), quale crocevia di culture e commerci fra aree distanti del Mediterraneo, dell’Italia e dell’Europa Transalpina durante la Preistoria.

by A. Pirondini*, G.P. Bocca*, F. Pirondini*, C. Pirondini e C. Villa*

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Looking at Ubaye petroglyphs with a candid eye

Ubaye rupestre symbol

Ubaye historic petroglyphs are under survey and study; they may unveil many data about traditional mountain shepherd life, culture and skills. It’s a poorly known and fragile heritage, which must be properly protected and appreciated.

by JF LETAVERNIER – Ubaye Rupestre


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Le Vie del Ferro, Iron Ways, Les Routes du Fer

Working the iron

TRACCE no. 12 – by Don Sina Middle School (Esine, Valcamonica)

We are the pupils of 2nd B and C from the State Middle School “Don Sina” in Esine (Brescia). Under the guide of our teachers and the archaeologists of Footsteps of Man, we have gone a didactic itinerary entitled “Iron ways”.

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Les Routes du Tissu

Naquane 1

TRACCE no. 12 – by Don Sina Ecole moyenne (Esine, Valcamonica)

Nous sommes les élèves de la troisième classe, section C de l’école moyenne “Don Alessandro Sina” (BS). Sous la direction de notre professeur d’histoire et de deux archéologues de “Les traces de l’homme” de Cerveno nous avons suivi un itinéraire didactique dont le titre est: “Les routes du tissu”.

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