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Paolo Emilio Bagnoli and photometric 3D applied to rock art

Worldwide, Paolo Emilio Bagnoli, former full professor of Photonics and Optoelectronics at Pisa University, is among the few researchers active in the rock art field to apply to engraved rocks the method of 3D modelling on a photometric basis. As a tribute to his memory, it is appropriate to remember him in his own words in relation to the photometric technique applied to 3D modelling (PDF available).

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Bulgarian rock art: the Madara rider


Madara rider

The Madara rider is a unique monument of the ancient Bulgarian art. Its popularity is immense in Bulgaria and since 1979 it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The high-relief depicts a rider on his stallion accompanied by a dog. A dead lion is carved under the horse and some inscriptions in Greek all around. The scene celebrates the founding of the Bulgarian state by the Khan Asparukh (680-700 AD). The Madara rider is the only European rock carved monument from the Early Middle Ages. [Text and photogallery]

by rupestre

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Hannibal was here



At the beginning of the 1980’s some strange rock inscriptions were first found on Fuerteventura, later on Lanzarote as well. “Inscriptions” may be a misleading term in this context. They are only shallow markings scratched on to hard basalt rocks.

by Werner Pichler

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