TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 6 – Jan 1997

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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 6
8 January 1997 – cover and index only






Number 6 – 1997 January

Send texts and images for next issue!
Footsteps of Man is an IFRAO association from Valcamonica – Italy
Maintained by Footsteps of Man (Le Orme dell’Uomo) archaeological Cooperative,
piazza Donatori di Sangue 1 – 25040 CERVENO (BS) – ITALY
phone +39-364-433.983 fax +39-364-43.43.51

call any email information to Andrea Arcà – Coop. Archeologica Le Orme dell’Uomo
Or write or fax or phone:
Angelo Fossati – Coop. Archeologica Le Orme dell’Uomo
piazzale Donatori di Sangue 1- 25040 CERVENO (Bs), Italy
tel. 39-364-433983 – fax 39-364-434351

The GENERAL page
Jane Kolber Scale drawings of the Vale de Vermelhosa Engravings
Angelo Fossati Rupestrian Archaeology
The ITALIAN page
Paolo Emilio Bagnoli The Virtual Museum of Stelae-Statues from Lunigiana (Italy)
Elena Marchi The Graffiti in the Camunnian Rock Art
Andrea Arcà Topographic engravings in the Alps, part ****
Editor Archaeo-Rock-Links | We call for papers (next issue: 1997 April)

English editing by Maurice Zanon

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