TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 40 – December 2016

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TRACCE38logo# 40 – December 2016

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 40

––––––––––––––––––> by Footsteps of Man
edited by Le Orme dell’Uomo (Valcamonica – I)

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The Petroglyphs of Chumbenique, Zaña, Peru

This short paper, together with a YouTube video, describes and illustrates the rock art discovered in the valley of the Río Zaña in northern Peru. The petroglyphs were first described (in Spanish) by archaeologist Edgar Bracamonte in 2014. Because that is the only brief report that exists at the moment, I have written a brief paper in English, while the video (which is in Spanish) offers the illustrations as well as shots of the environment. The locals at Chumbenique know about ‘their’ rock art and I hope that they will encourage locals of their village and of the valley and of course every visitor to Chumbenique to respect and protect this sacred site.

By Maarten van Hoek

L’arte rupestre di Böyük Daş in Gobustan, Azerbaijan

The Böyük Daş mountain is one of the three promontories included in the Natural Historical Artistic Reserve of Gobustan. With its terraced profile and big boulders scattered around the different terraces, it preserves thousands of engravings with a very long chronology. Its rock art includes several figurative categories: zoomorph, anthropomorph, boat, symbol. Here is presented a brief guide to visit the Böyük Daş hill, in Gobustan Rock Art Reserve.
Il monte di Böyük Daş è uno dei tre promontori inclusi nella Riserva Naturale Storico-Artistica di Gobustan, Con il uso profilo terrazzato e una serie di grossi massi sparsi lungo le sue terrazze, conserva migliaia di figure incise di cronologia molto ampia e appartenenti a varie categorie figurative: zoomorfi, antropomorfi, imbarcazioni, simboli. Ecco una breve guida per visitare l’area di Böyük Daş, all’interno della Riserva di Arte Rupestre di Gobustan.


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Los Bordes Aserrados de las Rocas de Chuquillanqui, Perú

A menudo un sitio de arte rupestre tiene una característica muy específica que además es a menudo único en ese sitio. Este artículo presenta un elemento tan distintivo en el sitio rupestre de Chuquillanqui en la cuenca del Río Chicama en el norte de Perú.

Often a rock art site has a very specific feature that moreover is often unique to that site. This paper presents such a distinguishing element at the petroglyph site of Chuquillanqui in the Chicama drainage of northern Peru.

By Maarten van Hoek

Kuntur Wasi, Peru: Architectural Art or Rock Art ?

Often we find pecked or scratched images on walls of rocks that are part of ancient structures, ranging from simple circular huts to intricate temple complexes. In many cases the rocks that are used have been smoothened before (or after) they were incorporated. In most instances it is clear that those images have been added after the smoothening and after the incorporation of the stones into the structure. Some of them may definitely be regarded as true rock art and not as architectural art, but a few images are ambiguous in this respect. This short paper discusses one such controversial image on a menacing monolith at Kuntur Wasi in northern Peru.

By Maarten van Hoek

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The Frontal Insignia-Tumi

The Desert Andes (the westernmost coastal strip of South America) is very rich in rock art sites. In rare cases specific images occur at selected sites, often separated by long streches of the desert. Two telling examples are the Avian Staff Bearer and the The Enigmatic Traveller (both published in TRACCE). This study examines another “travelling” icon: The Frontal Insignia-Tumi that is found from Tamentica in the south to – surprisingly – Toro Muerto in the north of the Study Area, a distance of no less than 630 km (as the crow flies).

By Maarten van Hoek

Coppelle, per Giove! Visita virtuale al Ròch dij Gieugh

La Roccia dei Giochi (ël Ròch dij Gieugh in piemontese, lou Ròc dyi Joe in franco-provenzale) della frazione Andriera di Usseglio (Valle di Viù – TO) è una roccia a coppelle a 1670 m di quota che ospita numerose impronte di piede e tre figure di guerrieri protostorici. Allo stato delle conoscenze, è l’UNICA ROCCIA a COPPELLE delle ALPI con ISCRIZIONE DEDICATORIA a GIOVE.
Molti elementi concorrono a comprovare la sua natura di masso monumentale e sito cerimoniale dell’età del Ferro; vi venivano probabilmente depositate offerte votive quali pozioni o bevande. Considerandone la pronuncia, il suo nome ne può nascondere uno più antico… forse la Roccia di Giove?
Approfondisci l’argomento e immergiti nella VISITA VIRTUALE panoramica a 360°…

By A. Arcà, A.E. Fossati, F. Rubat Borel

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Sobre Dibujos de Arte Rupestre (Andino)

The essence of every rock art study must be the image. In most cases the image that we observe is not quite the same as manufactured and/or intended by prehistoric people. It is altered by weathering, erosion and all sorts of anthropic activities. Yet, the resulting image is the only source to use. The best thing to do is to photograph the image, but if one makes a drawing of the image, it should be as correct as possible. Yet, many rock art researchers produce and publish drawings that are not correct. Consequently, their interpretations will often be incorrect. This study discusses some examples of incorrect drawings and offers some recommendations.

By Maarten van Hoek

Roccia dei Giochi, Roccia di Giove


Un masso inciso tra preistoria ed età moderna a Usseglio
a cura di Daniela Berta, Andrea Arcà, Francesco Rubat Borel
ISBN 97888941900140

presentazione del volume
Sabato 1 ottobre 2016
sala degli Iris, Albergo Rocciamelone di Usseglio

By Museo Civico Usseglio

Try this! Cup-marks gigapano

Ròch dij Gieugh (the Rock of the Games) 2 gigapixels spherical panorama. Get a real visit experience and surf on this cup-marked stone! Go full screen (click on the 4 arrows button on the right), move the mouse, rotate the wheel… More details in this TRACCE paper: Coppelle, per Giove! (Cup-marks, by Jove!) (Italian only).

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 40

December 2016

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