Funny petroglyphs

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Uncle frog

TRACCE no. 7 – by Angelo Fossati – Elena Marchi

The prehistoric man had some times a very good sense of humor. He left us some funny images: men, women and animals in “strange” positions or with different objects…

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We want to present here few images collected from the Valcamonica rock art. We suggest to the editor to create a section in the magazine dedicated to these funny images and to invite the readers to send similar funny figures of the rock art of their country.

Uncle frog, Luine rock 33, Darfo Boario Terme (by CITTADINI T. Il Parco di Luine. Arte rupestre preistorica nel comune di Darfo Boario Terme, p. 66)

Sdoing…sdoing…sdoing! Rock 11, Dos del Mirichì, Pescarzo di Cemmo, Capo di Ponte

Angelo Fossati, Elena Marchi
Cooperativa Archeologica Le Orme dell’Uomo
piazzale Donatori di Sangue 1- 25040 CERVENO (Bs), Italy
tel. 39-364-433983 – fax 39-364-434351
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