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TRACCE no. 7 – by editor

We launch this short call (sustained by the “advertising banners” on the top of each article): please feel free to send us short papers about any RA related theme.

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Note: TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin, while the site is obtaining a good success/access, is suffering some difficulties: even in a worldwide context is not easy to obtain short papers for each issue.
We know that is not easy for many RA researchers to obtain a Web access, we know that the reduced size of the papers is not encouraging, we know that sending via email pictures and text could be hampered by technical difficulties.
So we launch this short call (sustained by the “advertising banners” on the top of each article): please feel free to send us short papers about any RA related theme here including a single engraved rock.TRACCE editors and readers will be interested in enlarging any point of view.

Tracce is open to all Rock Art organisations and researchers!
We call for short texts and images for the next issue. Deadline July 1 1997. Texts (obviously about Rock Art and in English or Spanish or French) must be no longer than 4500 types.

They must have a short title, a signature and an address (also email if available).
Submit by writing or pasting them into the body of an email message.
You can also reach RockArtNet, where you’ll be able to paste or type directly your text into the appropriate form.
For additional informations please reach TRACCE main page.
Each author will have one or more online previews.

You are kindly asked to submit also images (2-3 each paper).

    • If you are working on a PC/IBM, and your email program is EUDORA (and also others supporting attached files), we can accept any *.TIF – *.PCX – *.EPS – *.BMP – *.GIF – *.JPG. *.

GIF and *.JPG are the best.
Send them simply as attached files

THEME We are interested in suggesting themes.
The 1st is: RECORDING ROCK ART (records, files, databases, alphanumeric, boolean and descriptive fields, archives, “corpus”…).
All interested are required to send a paper (with pictures if possible, we can scan them) for TRACCE 8 issue (1997July). The aim is to make possible a first comparison between worldwide different methods.

For short news and appointments (meetings, exhibitions, field works, books) please send an email with no more than 200 types and a WEB link if availaible. Alternatively you can reach RockArtNet, where you’ll find some useful forms which will provide to send texts TRACCE editor.

Anyway post-offices and postmen are still working: at last choice you can mail (or fax) papers and images (printed pictures, tracings, photocopies, books, reviews, newsletters… (our Rock Art specialized library is waiting for your books) to Footsteps of Man (real) address:

  • Coop. Archeologica Le Orme dell’Uomo, piazza Donatori di Sangue 1 – 25040 CERVENO (BS) – ITALY – phone +39-364-433.983 fax +39-364-43.43.51.

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