TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 10 – May 1998

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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 10
1 May 1998 – cover and index only





TRACCE Online Rock Art Bullettin
#10 – May 1998

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin
——–> by Footsteps of Man

open to rock art researchers and associations



Research: survey, recording, dating, interpreting

  1. Sub-saharan rock artSub-Saharan Rock Art by Séverine Marchi
  2. Uintah Freemont culture - Utah USAThe Trowel and the Drum by Jeffery R. Hanson
  3. Anatolia - Valcamonica parallelsOrientalizing motives in alpine rock art by † Burchard Brentjes
  4. Petroglyphs dated in Central BoliviaPetroglyphs dated in Central Bolivia by Robert G. Bednarik
  5. Santa Catarina Island and adjacent islands (Brazil)The conclusion of the rock art survey by Rodrigo Aguiar em Brasileiro
  6. Rock Art in the HimalayasRock Art in the Himalayas by Y. Mathpal

Preservation: save rock art sites

  1. Ring Mountain Petroglyphs - USALooking Back at Four Years of Advocacy by M. Leigh Marymor
  2. Apiarian pictograph - SpainThe man of Bicorp by Giacomo Omallini

Swastika and Camunian Rose

  1. The Swastika Stone - EnglandThe Swastika Stone by Gyrus
  2. The motif of the Camunian Rose - ItalyThe motif of the “Camunian Rose” by Paola Farina

Rock Art Congresses and Meetings

  1. IRAC '98 Congress Vila Real - PortugalIRAC ’98 Vila Real (Portugal)
  2. Rock Art and Ethnography - ItalyThe Sword on the Rock Novalesa (Italy) in Italiano
  3. Fieldwork experiences - ItalyInternational Prehistoric Art Conference Kemerovo – Siberia (Russia)

Education: school and fieldworks

  1. Fieldwork experiences - ItalyRock and Roll with the Camunnians by fieldwork ’97 participants
  2. education with school - ItalyWalking on the Rock Art Paths by Andrea Arcà in Italiano
  3. education with school - ItalyDiscovering the Past by Valcamonica middle school classes in Italiano


Footsteps of Man - Orme dell'Uomo


IRAC 98 Congress


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