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Rock Art Congress

TRACCE no. 9 – by Congress staff

2nd International Congress of Rupestrian Archaeology
2-5 October 1997 DARFO BOARIO TERME

General information

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  • Registration Desk

The Registration Desk is situated on the ground floor of the Boario Congressi, via Manifattura, 25041 DARFO BOARIO TERME (BS) – ITALIA, tel. +39-364-534342, fax +39-364-536545. It will be attended from 2 to 5 October, from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. All congress delegates are requested to collect the satchel and name tag with pass from the Registration Desk.

  • Registration Fee

In order to be able to participate in the Congress is obligatory to pay the registration fee:

– congress members and auditors ITL 100, 000

– students ITL 60,000

– rock art guides ITL 60,000

The payment of the fee entitles congress members and auditors, students and guides to:

the name tag with pass;

  1. the satchels with a copy of the publication containing the programme, the participant and the abstracts and some information about the Valcamonica;
  2. the inaugural lunch on 2 October 1997 and the final aperitif on 5 October 1997;
  3. a guided visit to the major rock art sites of Valcamonica on 5 October 1997;
  4. entrance to the collateral events and exhibitions in the city.

Those who wish to attend the Congress only for one or two days can pay a daily registration fee of ITL 30,000, which entitles them to receive the name tag with pass, the program and the entrance to the collateral events and exhibitions.

The fee can be paid directly to the Registration Desk.

  • Name Tag with Pass

Name tag with pass should be worn at all times during the Congress as it serves as admittance identification for academic sections, collateral events and exhibitions, inaugural lunch and final aperitif. It shows delegate’s name and country. The colour code to the types of participants is as follows:

  1. Blue – congress members, auditors, students and guides
  2. Green – daily participants
  3. Yellow – staff members
  • Field Trip Desk

During the congress days, those wishing to attend the field trips to rock art sites (Naquane, Paspardo) are requested to apply at the registration desk within the Saturday, 4th October, morning. All the information about rock art sites will be available at the Registration Desk.

  • Inauguration of the Congress

The inauguration of the Congress is on Thursday, 2 October, at 9.00 a.m. It will include an opening address of local authorities and official welcome.

  • Academic Sections

The Academic Sections are five: “Ethnography and Rock Art”, “Archaeology and Rock Art in Europe”, “Archaeology and Rock Art in the Alps”, “Rupestrian Archaeology: new methods, techniques and terminology” and are held in the Sala Blu of the Boario Congressi. Papers are 20 minutes long and will be followed by 10 minutes of debate or question time.

  • Round Table

“The chronology of rock art of Valcamonica in the context of the archaeology and the prehistoric art in Europe”

One of the most interesting events of the Congress will certainly be the round table that will be held on Sunday afternoon, 5 October, at the end of the academic sections. Even if the round table can be attended by any participant of the Congress, the scholars listed in the program – please see at the end of this booklet – will take part with major papers.

  • Notice Board

The Notice Board will be located prominently on the ground floor of the Boario Congressi, near the Registration Desk. Delegates should check the Registration Board regularly (at least once daily) to collect mail and messages, and to learn of program changes, new announcements, special events, field trip details and the like.

  • Publications and gift display

A professionally organised display of rock art books, related publications and gifts is being held at the congress venue. Some publications and the gifts are on sale, others can be ordered.

  • Poster Exhibition

An exhibition of rock art photographs and posters prepared by congress delegates and reporting very new, often unpublished work, is held at the congress venue, with entries from different countries and rock art regions. The opening of the poster exhibition will be at 6.00 p.m. of Thursday, 2 October.

The exhibition is available for viewing day and evenings.

  • Inaugural Lunch and final Aperitif

The inaugural lunch will be held in the Boario Congressi at 1.00 p.m. of the Thursday, 2 October, the first day of the Congress.

The final aperitif will be held in the Boario Congressi at 7.00 p.m. of the Sunday, 5 October, the last day of the Congress.

All those who paid the entire fee can participate to the inaugural lunch and final aperitif.

  • Coffee and Lunch Breaks

During the first and third intervals between academic sections light refreshments will be served at cost indicated at the bar.

The second interval, from 1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m., is the lunch break. The Boario Congressi will provide buffet lunches at the bar. The cost of the lunch is ITL 20,500. Please reserve your lunch before the beginning of the first section in the morning.

  • General Services -Servizi Generali

The emergency telephone number for police, fire and ambulance is 118.

Taxis can be booked by telephoning 532858 or 46116.

Banks are open from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Automatic teller machines are available. One bank is in Boario and few others in Darfo.

The Post Office is located at 1 De Gasperi Street, Boario and 12 Virgilio Street, Darfo. The Post Office is open from 8.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday; from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. in Saturday.

Several car rental companies have offices in the city of Boario, tel. number 534051 and 531698.

The telephone area code of Boario is 0364.

  • Health Services – Servizi Sanitari

Emergency 118 Emergenze

Casualty ward 466424 / 466422 Pronto Soccorso

Doctors, after hours service 3691 Dottori di turno

Pharmacy, after hours service (farmacie di turno): till 2 Ocotber Pianborno, via .Nazionale 0364-45101;
from 3 October Farmacia Comunale di Darfo, viale Tassara 1, 0364-531826

  • Shopping

Darfo Boario Terme is one of the principal tourist destinations of Valcamonica and has excellent shopping facilities. The trading hours of most shops in the central business district are 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., Monday to Saturday (closed on Monday morning).

One of the main attractions in the City is the spa, that is situated on the middle of the city and is very famous for the waters containing iron and magnesium used for the treatments for the liver troubles.

  • Acknowledgements

We take this opportunity to thank the following organisations and individuals who have helped in the preparations for this event:

  • Provincia di Brescia – Assessorato alla Cultura
  • Città di Darfo Boario Terme
  • Bacino Imbrifero Montano di Valle Camonica
  • Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica
  • Società Boario Congressi
  • Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Brescia
  • Soprintendenza Archeologica del Piemonte
  • Civico Museo di Cuneo
  • Banca di Credito Cooperativo Camuna
  • Agenzia Doganale Calò – Malpensa (VA)
  • La Cittadina – Azienda Grafica – Gianico (BS)
  • Gamma Darfo – Darfo (BS)
  • Electronic Center – Darfo (BS)
  • L’erboristeria di Tenchini – Darfo Boario Terme (BS)
  • Fotostudio Effegi – Studio Fotografico – Capo di Ponte (BS)
  • Felter Gold – Darfo Boario Terme (BS)
  • All the members of the Cooperativa Archeologica Le Orme dell’Uomo

The Committee Tino Bino, Major Luigi Pelamatti, Committee Enza De Michelis, Committee Donata Vaira, Committee Angelo Moreschi, President Luigi Mottinelli, President Giacomo Branchi, On. Patrizia Toja, Professor Mila Simoes De Abreu, Andrea Arcà, Dr Paul G. Bahn, Professor Giacomo Camuri, Dr Stefania Casini, Professor Raffaele C.De Marinis, Dr Annie Echassoux, Professor Francesco Fedele, Dr Patrizia Frontini, Dr Filippo Maria Gambari, Dr Letizia Gargiulo, Professor Egle Marchi, Dr Franco Marzatico, Professor Dario Seglie, Dr Paola Farina, Dr Cristina Turconi, Monica Alchieri, Dr Katalyn Ernyey, Professor Angelo Giorgi, Graziano Filippini, Alessandro Tenchini, Luciano Bettinelli, Italo Zamboni, fam. Belfiore Mondoni, Daniela Robbiati, Donatella Stamer, Yashodar Mathpal, Marcello Chiarenza, Dominic Ronayne and the String, Fife and Drum.

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