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AURA 2000

TRACCE no. 12 – by Jane Kolber, Andrea Arcà, Mila Simoes de Abreu

Third AURA Congress. Millennium: a fresh start.
Hosted by the Australian Rock Art Research Association
in Alice Springs, 10 – 14 July 2000.

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Third Aura Congress

Anyone has been doing any recent interesting work in any area relating to rock-art recording and is considering attending the AURA Congress in Alice Springs July 10-14, 2000, please read the following call for papers.

Recording, Storing and Communicating Rock Art Data

Hands to draw, BITS to know: exploring the skills and knowledge of the world to meet the challenges of rock art preservation and documentation.


  • Mila Simoes de ABREU, UTAD University – Portugal
  • Andrea ARCA’, Footsteps of Man – Italy

Rock Art Recording has expanded in many directions since the first initial attempts in the not very distant past. From simple note taking and snapshots, methods and approaches have been experimented with from all possible fields of study and computerized technology.

This session will bring together as many of these approaches as possible:

  • A) Data.
    A1. Data collection and management to cover records, archive management, databases, mapping, GPS, GIS, etc.
    A2. Photographic imagery including films, cameras, digitizing, video, CD and DVD, digital enhancement.
    A3. Reproduction of engraved and painted elements and surfaces by sketches, scale drawings, photo-drawing, bi-dimensional, three dimensional and high-tech tracings.
  • B) Communication
    B1. Traditional print: books, booklets, reviews, newsletters, etc.
    B2. Museums, exhibitions, Parks.
    B3. Digital and virtual: web sites, online reviews, online exhibitions, CD-ROM, multimedia, video, etc.
  • C) Research and Methods
    History and tradition including bibliographies, research, popular traditional inquiry, popular traditional recording.
    C2. Methodology to cover research organization, fieldwork planning, roles of volunteers, training programs, roles of academia, and interpretation.
    C3. Funding to gain the means of attaining the above through grant giving institutions, government agencies, private donors, academia and fundraising projects.

For further information or to submit an abstract for a paper, please contact

  • Jane Kolber
  • Andrea Arcà
  • Mila Simoes de Abreu


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Footsteps of Man

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