New Megalithic Portal features

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The Megalithic Portal is the original and arguably the best live guide to prehistoric sites in the UK, Ireland and beyond, established in 1996, and as a live web database in 2000.

by Andy Paul Peter Tim and Ruth

TRACCE PHP-Nuke version, 2002-2011

New Megalithic Portal features 

Pop up maps, site guides, lots more

The Megalithic Portal is the original and arguably the best live guide to prehistoric sites in the UK, Ireland and beyond, established in 1996, and as a live web database in 2000. We list data and images from over 8000 locations, and have easily accessible images of more prehistoric sites than anywhere else we know of.

Here are details of the many new features we’ve recently added, starting with changes to the main listing pages:

Pop-up maps:
Over 8000 pop up maps of nearby sites. You can use this pop-up window to navigate around the local area. Click on the map icon again to re-centre the map at your new location. Very simple to use, no browser plug-ins are required. (*)

Site Guides:

Each page will list a named guide for the area. Tim Prevett dreamt up this feature and is is co-ordinating it for us so I’ll let him tell you more as he gets it up and running.

Site guides will answer questions for visitors in the guides forum, check and add to our listings and various other things that Tim will tell you about in another message. We are of course looking for volunteers to be site guides so please get in touch with Tim via the Site Guides forum.

More new features:
Reduced clutter on the site pages, with icons for the various on and off-site links.

New off-site links:

  • Look up nearby pubs or accomodation on
  • Look up the weather in the locality
  • Web links taking you straight to thousands of other web pages about specific sites (like the old Megalith Map)
  • Improved thumbnail display, click the link to list all photos or hover over the thumbnails to read the photo description.

Text Browse/Search

  • Mini clickable maps in the right-column for improved country navigation (currently Ireland, the others coming soon)
  • Browse by type of site listings, not just geographically
  • List of the most popular sites for the particular county or type
  • Icons
  • Enter grid references into the main top-left search box on each page and the Portal will take you to the site nearest to that grid ref, a good way to see if there’s a site you know about that we’ve missed.

Submit Sites:

You can now submit ancient site locations to us via a web form. If relevant these will be added in batches about once a month.

User pages:

You can now list all photos contributed by a particular user, to create
a personal gallery for everyone who contributes:


Our usual excellent news coverage, with comprehensive events, TV and Radio coverage of our specialist subject. Sign up for our e-mail digest.


Improved navigation from the eGallery back to the main pages. We now have over 5000 hand-selected photos, and climbing fast.
More visitors than ever: 300,000 page views since Christmas. We would be pleased to add your Banner Ad to our rotation at very reasonable rates.

Megalithic sites Worldwide:

We now have megalithic sites from all over the world featured, and are  looking to include as many more as we can. Contribute your photos and share them with the world.


We are still running our competition where the top contributors will win T shirts and books, to be handed out at the end of February. I’ll re-post the details soon as a reminder.

Photographer’s Gallery:

A selection of quality landscape and history photos aimed at picture editors, submit your very best non-prehistory photos for consideration. This is not really part of the Portal proper, and may well be split off into a separate gallery later this year.

New Site Types:
We are in the process of adding Holy Wells and Early Christian crosses to our database, please contribute any photos you might have in this field. Some people might think we’re straying too far from our prehistoric roots, but there’s good evidence to suggest that many of these have been in use since prehistoric times, re-modelled Bronze Age standing stones for example.

The original live guide and still the best:

We haven’t stood still in the face of competition from sites with much greater resources than ourselves. We think you’ll find the Portal re-vitalised, with navigation much easier to use, so if you used to contribute to us in the past, why not come back and give us another try.

Please join in, the site is built around your contributions.

Andy Publisher and Technical Manager
Vicky Megalithic Portal Editor
Paul News Editor
Peter Picture Editor
Tim Site Administration and Guides co-ordinator
Ruth Online Shop Manager

You? Join our team as a site guide and involved in running the site

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