Big Problems this Summer for American Rockart!

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This summer is a nightmare for the preservation of rockart in the American Southwest and West. Damages being done by a variety of mining and non-mainstream “science” groups may go unstopped without your interest and assistance immediately!

by Deb Huglin

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Big Problems this Summer for American Rockart!


I am writing this post so that all of you can understand the problems in the field of rock art today. The indoctrination of the masses and especially potential purchasers or collectors of ancient rock art and other archaeological materials stems from the ongoing genocide against indigenous peoples and their ancestors. This is not necessarily some supremacist plot.

In fact, it may be manipulating the anthropology of supremism for the personal and group economic gain of entirely unrelated individuals, groups or organizations. However, it is doing a great deal of damage to rock art and archaeological or culturally significant areas, especially in the Americas. The pretense of many anthropologists and archaeologists trained during the genocidal and suppressive years from the invasionist period of the past five hundred years has little or nothing to do with the rich oral and inscripted traditions of the millions (that is right, millions) of indigenous people. They are not conveniently extinct.

The misinformation and misuse of the term science in regards to outsider involvement in cultural and archaeological research has specifically to do with the attempted displacement of contemporary indigenous populations through the undermining of archaeological evidence of habitation. Why would anybody do this? Well, if there is some pretense to the proto-Darwinian “survival of the fittest invader” that was the backbone of the displacement and murders since the 1800’s, there can’t be any evidence of human habitation in any mining or real estate development areas prior to an expiration date making it empty and up for the taking.

At this point in time, one of the biggest offenders in the United States is the Department of the Interior itself. It is having problems with the ingrown facilitation of these damages, again as an agency that facilitates mining and development as well as preserving national historic and archaeological sites.

This is currently visible by the attacks on a number of southwestern rock art areas that just happen to be near or a part of mining and development areas. If certain groups would have their way, there would be strip mining and cyanide poisoning to any and all indigenous (and immigrant) populations anywhere near any ancient American archaeological sites…especially those with mounds or rockart. It is happening right now in the U.S., in Guatemala and in Mexico by a gold mining company.

I attempted as a professional and as a private citizen to report the theft of tons of boulders covered with star knowledge and culturally significant rockart from a period reaching back over 50,000 years in Arizona. This attempt was on June 23, 2004. The Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement agent not only would not take my report, but promptly told me he would file a false report on me if I attempted to file . That would allow whomever is at the bottom of the theft and damages to have me arrested and incarcerated rather than the thieves.

I reported this problem to the Governor of Arizona’s office who were assured by the Arizona BLM that it was being handled properly. It was not. I also reported the problem to the Washington, DC head of BLM Law Enforcement. To date no one has allowed me to file a report on the massive damages (no doubt for sale on the European market) to this particular site. In the meantime a number of other sites of this nature in adjacent states were also under attack and supposedly protected by taxpayer money by BLM Law Enforcement.

One of notoriety is the Nine-Mile Canyon site in Utah. Another nearby is the allegedly “new” site at Range Creek. The Range Creek area has been surveyed professionally since the 1930’s by University Archaeological and anthropological specialists, with reports and papers on file in any number of libraries. There is also the Churchill County Petroglyph site that has been under attack of both collectors and of gravel mining.

The point is that there are groups that would destroy all of what they consider “evidence” of archaeological and historic human habitation to get their own economic gain out of the sales or the archaeological materials or the development of mining or real estate despite all sense of human, cultural, scientific or moral responsibility in this matter. How the Europeans have been fooled into believing there are any American Indian antiques after 500 years of genocide is astonishing!

The Jesuit agenda alone is at the bottom of 5,000,000 indigenous deaths in the past 500 years in the Americas. Yet they along with other religious factions profess university and specialist status in the science of the archaeology and culture of the Americas. They and a number of other groups have made extreme economic gains off of indigenous American and Ancient American arts and antiquities to date. What makes them specialists in the field, one would wonder, short of half a millennium of “collecting” for their own economic gain? Please do not facilitate any more theft or damages! Do not purchase any American antiquities from any sources if they are supposed to have to do with Ancient Americans. Especially rock art. That is the only way to get the damages and theft stopped.

These are not “lost” languages by “extinct” people. These areas would be in constant use today if the invader populations didn’t consistently attack the indigenous populations and threaten them with fines and incarceration for their uses. Nobody is extinct here, and all Americans could read and write in their own languages long before any invasion periods. There was no great migration, and in 40 years the clovis gang has not proved anything of the sort. If you want to help additionally, please write the Secretary of the Interior, the Department of the Interior, United States of America, and specify that you are aware that the historic and archaeological treasures of the Americas under the care of the Department of the Interior are in jeopardy and you expect them to be protected.

Please help us by discussing these problems with the United Nations representatives in your areas and explain that you are watching and aware or the damages. There is a real danger of loss to the entire world community as well as to the indigenous population of the Americas in the area of the special rockart that the Americas have to offer IN SITU! Rockart all needs to stay right where it was intended to be forever by the inscribers. Thank you so much for your interest!


Deb Huglin
Repatriation Archaeologist
for the Wolf Clan of the Chahta,
Chief Archaeologist,
Mississippian Culture Organization

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