TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 17 – Dec 2003

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#17December 2003

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 17
by Footsteps of Man-Le Orme dell’Uomo (Valcamonica – I)

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TRACCE online Rock Art Bulletin is open to rock art researchers and associations

Rock Paintings and engravings in Namibia

The Brandberg massif is a large granite elevation in the north-west of Namib Desert; in this area more than 1000 painted rock shelters were found. Twyfelfontein site contains about 2500 rock engraving on 200 sandstone slabs. Photo gallery.

by † Leonardo Gribaudo – Read online.

Urgent Rock Art Sos – FUMHAM

This is an urgent appeal. Due to a lack of funding, the Fundação Museu do Homem Americano (FUMDHAM), that takes care of the Serra Capivara National Rock Art Park, is in danger of closing. Don’t let this happen, sign the petition.

by Mila Simoes de Abreu (IFRAO – Portugal) – Read online.

Quebrada de Santo Domingo: save geoglyphs

Please help save an exceptional and surprisingly unknown site in Northern Peru already designated out of bounds by the Peruvian Institute of Culture.

by Melissa MASSAT – Read online.

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