TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 18 – Mar 2004

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# 18March 2004

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 18
by Footsteps of Man-Le Orme dell’Uomo (Valcamonica – I)

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TRACCE online Rock Art Bulletin is open to rock art researchers and associations

La Pera Cunca ed il Truchet

Il Canavese, fin dal Medioevo, ha rivelato la presenza di numerosi massi recanti incisioni rupestri. Tale produzione di segni sulla pietra sembra essere maggiore e diversificata man mano che si sale di quota. Al contrario, scendendo verso il fondo valle, le pietre incise risultano minori per quantità e quasi esclusivamente a coppelle.

by Enrico Gallo – Read online.

Quebrada de Santo Domingo update

It seems incredible to have to mention or hear so many times “lack of funds” when it comes to saving priceless heritage. As Ulf Bertillson, President of ICOMOS Rock Art committee has said “Such events should be prevented and can be prevented”.

by Melissa MASSAT – Read online.

Ancient Visions: the Tukudika People petroglyphs

Trail Lake Ranch is pleased to anounce that Dr. Larry Loendorf will lead a week-long exploration into the rock art and culture of early Mountain Shoshone and Plains Indians.

by Jane Vander Weyden – Read online.

Jornadas Transmontanas de Arqueologia

Archaeology Gathering, Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Trás-os-Montes, Portugal, 2 – 4 April 2004. Presentation and programme.

by Mila Simões de Abreu – Read online.

New Megalithic Portal features

The Megalithic Portal is the original and arguably the best live guide to prehistoric sites in the UK, Ireland and beyond, established in 1996, and as a live web database in 2000.

by Andy Paul Peter Tim and Ruth – Read online.

Australian Rock art tour 2004

Dear People.The rock art and landscapes of the Australian Aboriginal is amongst some of the oldest on earth. We will camp in peaceful surroundings – and will have opportunity to swim in streams and waterholes.

by Mike Keighley – Read online.

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