TRACCE Facebook posts April-June 2013

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Facebook posts

Do we need a Facebook profile? Is it a powerful tool? No answer here in TRACCE,  but only all the 110 posts of the TRACCE Facebook profile from April to June 2013 collected in a single PDF file. Better to keep and to share…
[printed maintaining links with the Firefox AddOn “Print pages to Pdf”]

by TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin


TRACCE Facebook posts April-June 2013, download PDF

Flip book details:

  • upper bar functions: (left) title, see-go to page numer; (right) search;
  • lower bar functions: (left) enable full screen, page thumbnails, PDF download, sound on/off, zoom in/out, search, social share; (right) first-previous-next-last page;
  • page double click activates zoom;
  • PDF re-print June 2013 of TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin FACEBOOK profile  (; all posts from April 21 to June 26 2013
  • printed (links maintained) with Print pages to Pdf (Firefox AddOn)

You may browse and read the flip book up here (full-screen feature available) and/or download the related searchable PDF.

From April 21 (Facebook profile creation) to June 26 2013 TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin obtained 139 FB “likes” and performed 110 posts (photos, links, sharings…). Much more comments and replies from the FB profile than from TRACCE papers. We’ll see next months…

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