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TRACCE no. 4

Main Archaeological links, main Rock Art links, Short news and appointments…

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Main Archaeological links

  • Archnet The most complete world-wide. Many pages, areas, subjects, guestbook (by University of Connecticut).
  • ARGE Archaeological Resource Guide Europe: it takes Naquane engravings as logo (Neolithic? Bronze Age?)
  • Romarch Roman Classic (and Iron Age) archaeology in Italy and Roman provinces (by University of Michigan).
  • Archaeological Fieldwork Server all over the world.
  • SCESCAPE Science: Anthropology & Archeology, many good links.
  • Anthropology Resources on the Internet Discussion groups, WWW, good and long list of links by Allen H. Lutis
  • The Ancient World Web: Geography Index A lot of worldwide archaeological links
  • odin1.html dreaming the past in archaeology: good links
  • ArchDATA cadres d’accueil French Archaeology best sites
  • Laboratoire du Lazaret French archaeology and research (Nice -F)

Main Rock Art links

  • VALCAMONICA ROCK ART periods, tracings, pictures, links, Rock Art events, by Footsteps of Man
  • TRACCE – TRACKS Online Rock Art Bulletin – by Footsteps of Man
  • ROCK ART LINKS Best Rock Art site, by Bob Edberg!!!
  • Rupestrian Archaeology Web Board an open space for online messages
  • The homepage of American Rock Art Association (ARARA)
  • AURA Home Page The WWW Home Page of AURA, Australian Rock Art Research Organization
  • VALTELLINA ROCK ART prehistoric periods, pictures, by Footsteps of Man
  • Rupestrian Archaeology and schools with 8 years children, drawings and tales, by GRCM
  • Vale do Côa Página Principal Main page: refer to it about Côa Valley experience (in Portuguese)
  • Rock Art Foundation Pecos Region on Southwest Texas, preservation and education
  • Stone Pages Extra site! Dolmens, standing stones, from Scotland, Ireland, England. More than 60 sub-pages
  • Brian Lee’s Rock Art web site Many links and photo collections
  • Max Bertola’s Southern Utah Tour – Shaman and Rock Art Many good related pages.
  • François Rock art Page Petrarq project – useful links
  • ARCHEOLOGIA RUPESTRE Detailed text about NEWS ’95 congress held in Turin by CESMAP (Ita and Eng)
  • Petroglyphs open A big first page for Hawaiian petroglyphs. Many sub-pages with little traced figures
  • Project Info Field-work notes about Ometepe recording Project (Nicaragua)
  • Parowan Utah – Parowan Gap Good page about Parowan Gap Petroglyph by Nal Morris
  • landart.html Rich, and reach it (but long to load)! Many previews of different kinds of US petroglyphs
  • Petroglyphs from western Tibet Very interesting site, but 700 K to load. Reach it anyway.
  • Solmar Well done site about solar markers and petroglyphs, by John W. Fountain (USA), reach it!
  • HohoKam Hieroglyphic Springs Page Best done framed WEB page on petroglyphs: by Michael C. Gillette, reach it!
  • Mt. Bego rock art, with ten color pictures (Eng-It)

Short news and appointments

Rock Art mail list most recent subjects (1996 May-June):

  1. We ask you ...............(5.8.96. Must we discuss about rock art terminology, if someone asks to the Rock Art list informations about some Rock music groups? 12 messages)
  2. Anti graffiti program ....(5.16.96. How preventing vandalism, especially graffiti (but perhaps they ARE rock art...) 1+6 messages)
  3. Changing petroglyphs .....(5.19.96. Petroglyphs changing their image over time in Native oral legends 1+5 messages)
  4. Information request ......(5.30.96. About European ships depicted in New world petroglyphs 1+10 messages)
  5. Information request ......(6.4.96. About scorpions depicted in petroglyphs 1+3 messages)

Le Musée des Merveilles (Tende - F)
a eté inauguré vendredi 12 juillet 1996. Il est ouvert au public tous les jours, sauf le Mardi, des 10.30 jusqu'a 18.30. Samedi jusqu'a 21.30. Tel. +33-
On peut y admirer les meilleurs moulages des roches gravées du Mont Bego, et aussi une complète exhibitions de materiel archéologique, du Mesolitique a l'Age du Fer.
The "Marvels Museum" (Tende - F) is open from July the 12th, all days (except Tuesday) 10.30-18.30 h. (21.30 on Saturday). You will find the best reproductions (moulders) of Mt. Bego engraved rocks, joined with a complete arhcaeological exhibition (from Mesolithic to Iron Age)

Le incisioni rupestri della Val d'Assa
Il 6 e il 7 luglio 1996 si è tenuto un convegno a Gallio e a Canove di Roana (VI) sulle incisioni rupestri dell'altopiano di Asiago. Punti principali:

  • La revisione della cronologia, che ora vede l'esclusione di alcune fasi preistoriche (Neolitico - età del Rame e del Bronzo) precedentemente ipotizzate, e un'attribuzione dall'età del Ferro all'età contemporanea.
  • La richiesta di maggiore intervento delle istituzioni per lo studio e la valorizzazione, tramite la creazione di una zona o riserva archeologica.

A meeting on "Asiago plateau engraved rocks" was held at Gallio and Canove di Roana (VI - I) Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July 1996. It was clearly pointed that the chronology must be revised (now suggested from Iron Age to contemporary period) and that an archaeological reserve must be created to better study and to preserve the engraved rocks.

Fieldworks in Valcamonica (Italy) with Footsteps of Man Grosio (Valtellina) July 20-30, 1996 Paspardo (Valcamonica) August 1-10, 1996 The participants will soon prepare some WEB documents for next TRACCE issues.

International Rock Art Congress 1997
Cochabamba, Bolivia April 1-6, 1997. Sponsored by IFRAO and UNESCO.
Symposia and chairmen:
Rock art dating (Watchman-Prous)
The earliest rock art in the Americas (Steinbring-Schobinger)

The earliest rock art - a world perspective (Bednarik)
New approaches to rock art studies (D'Errico-Ogleby)
Administration and conservation of rock art (Wainwright)
New studies of rock art in south America (Briones-Dubelaar-Aschero-Podestrá-Taboada)
IFRAO meeting - Exhibitions. Registration of papers before September 30, 199

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