TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 34 – Dec 14/Feb 2015

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atelier_Tosello500# 34 – Dec 2014 – Feb 2015

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 34

––––––––––––––––––> by Footsteps of Man
edited by Le Orme dell’Uomo (Valcamonica – I)

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Lion head

Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave, grand opening!

After only 30 months of work, the opening of the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave to the public is scheduled for Saturday 25 April 2015: don’t miss it! It’s the largest cave replica ever built worldwide, ten times bigger than the Lascaux facsimile. All geological and archaeological features, such as paintings and engravings, are reproduced full-size in an underground environment identical to the original one. Visitors’ senses will be stimulated by the same sensations of silence, obscurity, temperature, humidity and acoustics, carefully reproduced.

by Andrea Arcà – Read more


Tracing prehistory

Valcamonica, Rock Art Fieldwork 2015

Tracing prehistory: from July 16 to August 6 2015 the annual archaeology field school at Paspardo will be open to archaeologists, scholars, students and enthusiasts. This area gives a great opportunity to learn, survey, photograph, draw and catalogue the rock engravings. The program involves field research, documentation, tracing, guided visits and lectures. Fieldwork is organised by Footsteps of Man, Valcamonica. Infos, poster and photo-galleries here available.

by Angelo Eugenio Fossati – Read more


Aït Ouazik

Signs of Infinity at Aït Ouazik, Southern Morocco

Aït Ouazik is a renowned and – fortunately – protected petroglyph site in the eastern part of the Anti Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The current paper focuses on continuous loop patterns in this area and explores their possible parallels in the rock art of NW Africa. Although the focus in this paper is on only a few specific petroglyph panels, Aït Ouazik has much more to offer. In order to give a more complete impression of the site and its petroglyphs, the paper is enriched by a YouTube video.

by Maarten van Hoek – Read more



Podomorfos, footprints, pediformi, pédiformes

Here is integrally reported a long FB photographic thread started by Ángel L. Mayoral Castillo on June 2011. It is completely devoted to footprints; no matter about their chronological or geographical origin. You may intend it as a little bit casual, or, better, serendipitous, like some (few? many?) FB posts. Anyway it seems useful to share it, to get some starting points: an intriguing subject, surely not a secondary one concerning some aspects of rock art interpretation.

by FB thread (A.L.M.C.) – Read more


Valcamonica Symposium 2015

Valcamonica Symposium 2015

The new scientific committee of the CCSP presents the 2015 Valcamonica symposium, the international meeting among rock-art scholars and researchers, which will be held on September 9-12 2015 at Capo di Ponte (Valcamonica, Italy). Attention is drawn over archaeological contexts, research updates, documentation techniques, dating methods, environmental context and rock art management. Deadline for abstracts: 15 March 2015; deadline for completed papers: 30 May 2015.

by CCSP scientific committee – Read more


Chenal shelter

Chenal shelter, six thousand years of iconography

The oldest post-Palaeolithic engravings of the Alps, 5th millennium BC, reveal many contact points with the ancient megalithic art of Brittany. We publish here the complete paper related to the Montjovet-Chenal shelter, Aosta valley; Italian version, with short English abstract and all-sectors tracings. Full text-image searchable flip book (Flash plugin needed). The low-res PDF is also available.

by A. Arcà, D. Daudry, A. Fossati, F. Morello, L. Raiteri – Read more



15 years of Rupestreweb, 12 new papers online

January-April 2015, twelve new papers on Rupestreweb, for its 15 years of web-presence; a rich overlook about: Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Cuba, México, Nicaragua Perú, República Dominicana. Piedras sagradas, conservação, narraciones orales, murales policromos, piedras pintadas, geoglyphs and so on…
Rupestreweb, Arte rupestre en América Latina.

by Rupestreweb – Read more



La Grotte Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc (EuroPreArt)

La grotte fut découverte le 18 décembre 1994 par trois spéléologues (J.M. Chauvet, E. Brunel-Deschamps, C. Hillaire), et immédiatement authentifiée par les spécialistes (visite de J. Clottes 10 jours après la découverte). La grotte n’a pas connu de visites humaines entre le Paléolithique et sa redécouverte en 1994, ce qui a permis une excellente préservation des ouvres pariétales mais aussi de tout le contexte archéologique.

by Laurence Remacle, Université de Liège – Read more




FB and rock art serendipity 1

On FB, amidst the continuous flow of links and pictures, faces and likes, new events and old news, something interesting suddenly appears.TRACCE FB social page shares this little or great bricks of knowledge. Here a listing of some of these sharings, periodically updated. As casual finds in archaeology, rock art serendipity may happen, and research synapses aroused, we hope!

by TRACCE Archaeology FB social page – Read more


Reflecting (on) Petroglyphs: Two Cases

Two instances of special petroglyph manifestations in Namibia (Twyfelfontein Valley) and Peru (Virú Valley), having very limited visibility, will be discussed in this paper.
Dos casos de manifestaciones especiales de petroglifos en Namibia (Valle de Twyfelfontein) y Perú (Valle de Virú), que demuestran de tener una visibilidad muy limitada, serán discutidos en este documento.

by Maarten van Hoek – Read more


TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin

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