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Mount Bego, XIX century research history


Bego 1887 tracing

Issue 29 of TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin is dedicated to the research history of Mt. Bego, from its early “discovery” to the end of the 19th century, with the exception of Clarence Bicknell’s work. Two key points should be emphasized: the relationship with the development of paleethnology and the significance of British “cup-and-rings” studies. All early Mt. Bego authors virtually contribute to this issue since their papers are “served” online, not only as PDF files, but also as “flip-books”, giving in this way importance to sources and online e-book sharing since they provide a useful tool to all researchers interested in rock art studies, especially in this area of the Alps.

by Andrea Arcà (Footsteps of ManIIPP)

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Alpi Marittime. Escursioni ai monti… Bego (Ghigliotti 1884)


1884, CAI logo

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Ghigliotti F. 1884. Alpi Marittime, Escursioni ai monti, Bollettino del Club Alpino Italiano, 1884, pp. 225-261.
| full text-image PDF (from TRACCE scan-OCR, public domain) | Italian

[editor’s note: here an accurate report of a mountaineering ascent to the Mt. Bego summit, with a visit to the rock engravings and the first mention of the well-known Latin inscription “Hoc qui scripsit…”]

by A. Felice GHIGLIOTTI (member of the Italian Alpine Club)

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