TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 1 – Jan 1996

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Côa figure

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 1
11 January 1996 – cover and index only

PDF version also available






Number 1 – 1996 January

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Footsteps of Man is an IFRAO association from Valcamonica – Italy
Maintained by Footsteps of Man (Le Orme dell’Uomo) archaeological Cooperative
piazza Donatori di Sangue 1 – 25040 CERVENO (BS) – ITALY
– phone +39-364-433.983 fax +39-364-43.43.51
This number is dedicated to Davide Pace, who discovered Valtellina’s Rock Art,
died 1-15-1996


Cemmo boulders menaced by a road
Direct dating: does it work? the Côa Valley experience
Rupe Magna, the biggest engraved rock in the Alps
New Iron Age engraved rocks found in western Alps
Short news and appointments

Main Archaeological links


  • Archnet The most complete world-wide. Many pages, areas, subjects, guest book (by University of Connecticut).
  • ARGEArchaeological Resource Guide Europe: it takes Naquane engravings as logo (Neolithic? Bronze Age?)
  • Romarch Roman Classic (and Iron Age) archaeology in Italy and Roman provinces (by University of Michigan).
  • Archaeological Fieldwork Server all over the world.
  • SCESCAPE Science: Anthropology & Archeology, many good links


Main Rock Art links


  • ROCK ART LINKS Best Rock Art site, by Bob Edberg. At the same time a call for preservation
  • The homepage of American Rock Art Association (ARARA)
  • AURA Home Page The WWW Home Page of AURA, Australian Rock Art Research Organization
  • ROCK – LINKS by Footsteps of Man
  • Valcamonica – Footsteps of Man

this document was managed by aarca
created on 1-11-1996

Short news and appointments

Fieldworks in Valcamonica (Italy) with Footsteps of Man
Grosio (Valtellina) July 20-30, 1996
Paspardo (Valcamonica) August 1-10, 1996
Trainig in studying – recording – tracing prehistoric alpine Rock Art
Rock Art lectures
Vacancies for 20 volunteers at both sites
Minimum stay one week

Rock Art Research – Moving into the Twenty-First Century
Swakopmund, Namibia, August 1l-18, 1996.
Official IFRAO meeting 1996 organized by SARARA.
Suggested topics for papers:
Recording methods
Meaning and motivation
Environmental issues and site management
Aesthetic considerations

International Rock Art Congress 1997
Cochabamba, Bolivia April 1-6, 1997. Sponsored by IFRAO and UNESCO.
Symposia and chairmen:
Rock art dating (Watchman-Prous)
The earliest rock art in the Americas (Steinbring-Schobinger)
The earliest rock art – a world perspective (Bednarik)
New approaches to rock art studies (D’Errico-Ogleby)

Administration and conservation of rock art (Wainwright)
New studies of rock art in south America (Briones-Dubelaar-Aschero-Podestrá-Taboada)
IFRAO meeting – Exhibitions. Registration of papers before September 30, 1996

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