Magura cave photogallery

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Magura figure

The Bulgarian Magura cave is well known for its impressive prehistoric paintings, scattered along an astonishing and dreamy 240 m long underground diverticulum, for which its Art Gallery is really worth a visit. More than 750 darkish figures have been counted, made with bat guano, smeared or rubbed along the cave walls; on the curvy  shaped vaults and niches, white or yellowish “plastered” by the nature, we can recognise dancing, hunting, and mating scenes, and organise the figures into four thematic groups: anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, geometric, and symbolic signs. [Text and photogallery]

by AA

Magura cave photogallery

The Magura Cave (Пещера МАГУРА, Peštera Magura in Bulgarian) is a karst cave situated in the north-western corner of Bulgaria, Vidin district, near the village of Rabiša; it is also known as the Rabiša cave. It’s 25 km far from Belogradchik, less than half an hour by car…

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Magura cave photogallery (45 images, pictures by AA)

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