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Rock Art Database

  • NOTE. We must notice that RAD is born in relation to Valcamonica Rock Art (Italy). We know so well that each Rock Art area has different characteristics, depending on age, culture, rock quality, exposition, engraving technique, environment, clima, human activities and so on.
    For this reason it is possible to modify codes and descriptions, in order to be more suitable for local characteristics.

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  • We must also notice that RAD is translated from Italian. Only the captions have been translated in the source code. Field names in *.DBF files are still in Italian. Translating them would mean a hard work: thousand of functions-variables to change. So in the browsing function (but not in adding and editing) Italian names of the fields are shown. You'll find a translation at the end of F2 help file.


  • By the end, RAD works in an (old) DOS DATABASE environment. It means that people having used old DB3 or DB4 won't have problems. Win-Mac-Unix database users will have surely more difficulty (and must work under DOS).