Rock Art in the Alps - Valcamonica Rock Art figures and scenes

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1.Daggers on Borno  boulder
 n. 4 (Copper Age)

2. Man and sun
  on Ossimo boulder n. 8 (Copper Age)

3. Huts on Naquane rock
   n. 35 (Iron Age)

4. Deer and dog on Naquane
   rock n. 1 (Iron Age)

5. Two warriors fighting on Naquane
   rock n. 35 (Iron Age)

6. Warrior standing on a horse
  on Naquane rock n. 1 (Iron Age)

7. Deer hit by a spear and bitten
   by a dog on Naquane rock n. 1
(Iron Age)

8. Naquane national Park panel
of Rock n. 23 (Iron Age)

9. Horse on Naquane
   rock n. 1 (Iron Age)

10. Crowned figure on Cemmo 3
   boulder (Copper Age)
11. Deers and dogs on Naquane
   rock 1 (Iron Age)

12. Topographic engraving
   at Le Crus
   (Neolithic - first Copper Age)

13. Chamois on Ossimo
    boulder no. 8 (Copper Age)

14. Deer on Ossimo boulder
    no. 7 (Copper Age)

15. Dagger on Borno 5
   boulder (Bronze Age)

16. Orthogonal schematic
    antropomorphic figures on
    Naquane rock no. 50 (Bronze Age)

17. Loom on Naquane
    rock no. 1 (Iron Age)

18. "Small-shovels"
on Naquane rock no. 1 (Iron Age)

19. Topographic representation
on the so called Bedolina map
    (middle-late Iron Age)

20. Big warrior on Paspardo in Valle
    rock 4 (Iron Age)
  1. Valcamonica chronology (Tracce paper)
  2. Warriors and duels (Tracce photogallery)

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