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Valcamonica rock art phases and cronology

Prehistoric periods

Thousands (hundreds of thousands) of figures in Rock Art of Valcamonica, with various superpositions, and comparisons between iconography and archaeological objects, allow identification of a reliable succession in Rock Art styles and periods, which corresponds to archaeological stratigraphy.

In Valcamonica we can find :

Palaeolithic-post Paleolithic figures

a few big figures of hunted animals (elk, deer) at Luine


(or by the beginning of Copper Age, 3500-2800 BC) figures, with maps (rectangular or round geometric topographic figures), spirals and probably no more (someone thinks that "orants" (anthropomorphic figures) are from this period) at Luine, Paspardo, Vite, Dos Sottolajolo.

Copper Age figures

triangular blade (Remedello and "Campaniforme" culture 2800-2200 BC) daggers, triangular body human figures (like dancing, male and female, often sexuated), deers and pigs, ploughing scenes with cows, weapons (axes), icons of the sun and something like "carpets", at Borno, Ossimo, Darfo, Foppe di Nadro, Cemmo, Paspardo..

Bronze Age figures (2200-800 BC)

daggers, axes, weapon's compositions, orants (male and female, often sexuated) with orthogonal arms and legs, at Luine, Foppe di Nadro, Naquane.

Iron Age figures (800-16 BC)

the big explosion in rock art (80% of all figures), divided in 5 periods, with warriors (often ityphallic), duels, riders, single figures and scenes (like dueling, hunting, sexual or ploughing scenes), dogs, birds, wood-stone houses, etruscan inscriptions, footprints (like FOOTSTEPS of MAN...), swords, spears, snakes, spirals, cup-marks, everywhere. A big concentration in National Park of Engraved Rock at Naquane (Capo di Ponte). Always MALE and never FEMALE.


Roman, medieval, and historical figures

a few figures, with latin inscriptions, keys, crosses, castles, dates, letters, cars, churches, names... and it's going on.

Valcamonica is part
of the UNESCO
World heritage List
  1. Valcamonica chronology (Tracce paper)
  2. Warriors and duels (Tracce photogallery)
  3. Valcamonica fieldworks (details and infos)

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