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Valcamonica, 2013 Rock Art Fieldwork & Field School


Tracing prehistory

Again in 2013, from July 18 to August 8, Footsteps of Man organizes its annual archaeology field school at Paspardo. This area gives a great opportunity to archaeologists, scholars, students and enthusiasts. The project participants will learn to survey, clean, photograph, draw and catalogue the rock engravings. The program involves field research, documentation, tracing, guided visits and lectures. Infos, poster and photo-galleries here available.


by Angelo Eugenio Fossati

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Alpi Occidentali, quadro generale …

Aussois Les Lozes, guerriero

L’arte rupestre delle Alpi Occidentali presenta una minore concentrazione minore rispetto alle “capitali” dell’arte rupestre alpina. Analoghi sono però la qualità e l’ampiezza dell’excursus cronologico …
A chrono-typological frame for the western Alps rock art. While the western Alps rock art is not so conspicuous in quantity as the two alpine poles of Mt. Bego and Valcamonica, regarding the quality and the chronological extent may offer a similar range…

by Andrea Arcà
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