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Quadruped animals and spirals

The Balma dei Cervi in Crodo is not the only prehistoric painted shelter within the Ossola valleys: not far away, is the Shelter of the Baby Goat in which interesting figures painted in red are found, now almost invisible: two small schematic four legged animals, probably a dog attacking an ibex, a large interweaving figure and a spiral, unique among the rock paintings across the Alps | La Balma dei Cervi di Crodo non è l’unica pittura rupestre preistorica delle valli ossolane: la non lontana Balma del Capretto ospita figure di quadrupedi (un cane che attacca uno stambecco), un’ampia figura a griglia e una spirale, unica tra le pitture rupestri delle Alpi (PDF available)

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The Ranaldi Shelter in Basilicata (Italy)

The Ranaldi Shelter at the Serra Pisconi site takes its name from its discoverer, Francesco Ranaldi, an archaeologist and director of the Potenza Provincial Archaeological Museum from 1954 to 1988. It is possible to reach the site within the Reserve via a comfortable path. An excellent open-air museum has been created, making access easy after a pleasant walk of about twenty minutes.  The chronological and interpretive frame of the Ranaldi Shelter rock paintings follows two distinct paths: on one hand, we have a Mesolithic naturalistic depiction of a herd of deer in their wood, on the other, the most likely, a schematic Neolithic hunting scene with the persistence of more ancient traditions (PDF available).

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Val Meraviglie e Fontanalba (Barocelli 1921)

Barocelli 1921

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Barocelli P. 1921. Val Meraviglie e Fontanalba (Note di escursioni paletnologiche), Atti della Società Piemontese d’Archeologia e Belle Arti, vol. X, fasc. 1, 51 pp., X tavv.
| full text-image and PDF (TRACCE 2015 re-editing) | Italian

[editor’s note: this 1921 paper expresses the first complete archaeological and chronological framework of the Mt. Bego petroglyphic complex; the author, Piero Barocelli was the archaeologist charged with the area, which was at this time managed by the Italian Royal Archaeological Superintendence; Clarence Bicknell, during the last years of his life, passed to him the baton of the research]

by Piero Barocelli – 1921

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Val Meraviglie e Fontanalba – Tavole (Barocelli 1921)


Barocelli 1921, plates

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Tavole I-X da:
Barocelli P. 1921. Val Meraviglie e Fontanalba (Note di escursioni paletnologiche), Atti della Società Piemontese d’ Archeologia e Belle Arti, vol. X, fasc. 1, 51 pp., X tavv.

| full text-image and PDF (TRACCE 2015 re-editing, public domain) | Italian

[editor’s note: the 1921 paper by Piero Barocelli is enriched by 10 plates – tracings, drawings and pictures – accompanined by very detailed captions]

by Piero Barocelli – 1921

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Magura Cave paintings, Bulgarian rock art

Sun figure

Situated in north-western Bulgaria, and managed by the Belogradchik municipality, the Magura cave (Пещера МАГУРА) is, with the Porto Badisco cave (south Italy), the most important European post-Palaeolithic painted cave. Hundreds of dark brown figures are diffused along an astonishing underground Art Gallery: hunting, dancing and mating scenes, bi-triangular female silhouettes, axes, solar symbols… a prehistoric iconographic treasure which definitely deserves a special attention. [Text and photogallery]

by Andrea ARCÀ

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Le manifestazioni del sacro e l’età del Rame


Bell beaker

The manifestations of the sacred and the Copper Age in the Alps and in the Po Valley, archaeological congress a Brescia (I), with emphasis on funerary rituals and rock art and statue stelae symbolism. Convegno archeologico 23 e 24 maggio 2014, Brescia, con approfondimenti sui rituali funerari che caratterizzano questo periodo e sul simbolismo dell’arte rupestre e delle statue-stele coeve. 

by Manifestazioni del Sacro

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