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TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin 4 – Jul 1996

Valcamonica warrior

TRACCE Online Rock Art Bulletin no. 4
15 July 1996 – cover and index only

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Links and short news

TRACCE no. 4

Main Archaeological links, main Rock Art links, Short news and appointments… Read more

The Sun, the Moon and the helping deers

Children drawing

TRACCE no. 4 – by III B classroom of Cena elementary school

This is a tale invented by children during a Rupestrian Archaeology educational workshop in a Turin (Italy) elementary school. Read more

“Topographic” Engravings (Alpine arc) part ***


TRACCE no. 4 – by Andrea Arcà

The Settled Ground in the “Topographic” Engravings
of the Alpine Arc

* Part 3 *
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The State of the Research part ***

Porto Badisco

TRACCE no. 4 – by Angelo Fossati

The state of the research: Alpine and Italian post-palaeolithic Rock Art 1990-1995

* Part 3 - The Eastern Alps, Italy and the Balkans *

After the first discoveries of rock art in Austria, about 30 new sites have been discovered in Tirol, Niederösterreich, Salzburg and Stiria… Read more

Rock Art in Santa Catarina Island

Campeche Island

TRACCE no. 4 – by Rodrigo Aguiar

Rock Art in Santa Catarina Island and adjacent areas, Brasil
Santa Catarina Island (state of Santa Catarina, Brasil) is very rich in prehistoric archaeological sites. Read more

Aboriginal Rock Art

Cathedral Cave

TRACCE no. 4 – by Chris Kirtley

Aboriginal Rock Art, Carnarvon National Park, Queensland, Australia
Carnarvon Gorge, near the town of Roma (some 400 km west of the Queensland State capital of Brisbane), is something of a shangri-la. Read more

A question of skin

Côa dam

TRACCE no. 4 – by Andrea Arcà – Angelo Fossati

A question of skin: AMS vs. Rupestrian Archaeology?
The second aspect of direct dating experiences in Côa Valley is AMS method. We will refer here to the text recently issued in Rock Art Research volume 12 number 2. Read more

The Côa Valley affair

Upper Palaeolithic sites

TRACCE no. 4 – by João Zilhão

At the request of the editor of TRACCE, I comment here on the text by Robert Bednarik published in number 3, May 1996, of this online rock art newsletter. I do it as a token of consideration toward the editor and the cooperative Le Orme dell’Uomo, an organization that played an important role in rallying international support to preserve the Côa Valley rock art sites. Read more