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Long Distance Diffusion of Rock Art Motifs in the Americas

Rock art motifs are found in every inhabited continent. In most cases those motifs develop independently, but it is also certain that specific rock art motifs migrated from one area to another area, sometimes travelling for thousands of kilometres. This study investigates the possible long-distance diffusion of a number of abstract rock art motifs along the Pacific seaboard of the Americas.

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Rock art across Australia

Wandjina spirit

As rock art theory has largely been refracted through western conceptual and epistemological underpinnings, it is a valuable (and timely) exercise to redirect art theory through the lens of Indigenous Australians’ geographical and cultural settings. For reasons of brevity, this critical exploration is not to offer a comprehensive road map pertaining to all aspects of vastly complicated socio-artistic elements of Australian Indigenous society but to stimulate discussion.

by Marisa GIORGI

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Arte rupestre australiana: conferenze



Spiritualità ed interpretazione della tradizione aborigena australiana, dalle origini al mondo contemporaneo. Due conferenze di Marisa GIORGI (Information Officer del Brisbane Queensland Museum) per presentare la spiritualità originale degli aborigeni e per capire perché abbiano un interesse per la protezione dell’arte rupestre in merito alla loro identità e all’interesse economico per il turismo.

Venerdì 21 novembre 2014 ore 21
bibioteca Civica di Cerveno (Valcamonica)
Venerdì 28 novembre 2014 ore 17
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Oxalate conference – call for papers


This first announcement is a call for expressions of interest in presenting a paper and/or displaying a poster at the Third International Conference on Oxalate Films associated with works of art… International Conference on “Oxalate Films on Rocks and Works of Art”.

by Alan Watchman

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Australian Rock art tour 2004

Kakadu rock paintings

Dear People.The rock art and landscapes of the Australian Aboriginal is amongst some of the oldest on earth. We will camp in peaceful surroundings – and will have opportunity to swim in streams and waterholes.

by Mike Keighley

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Breakthrough for Dampier rock art

Dampier rock art

Today there has been an important breakthrough in IFRAO’s campaign to save the rock art of Dampier, Western Australia…

by Robert Bednarik

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Save Dampier rock art

Dampier rock art

Another serious menace to a major rock art site. What can we do? We can start from the online petition Save Dampier rock art.

by Robert G. Bednarik

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New Course in Rock Art Studies (Australia)

Thylacinus cynocephalus

TRACCE no. 8 – by Alan Watchman

New Course in Rock Art Studies (Australia).The School of Anthropology and Archaeology, James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, is offering a new course in rock art studies for 1998. Read more

Upside Down Kudu

Upside down kudu

TRACCE no. 5 – by Grant S. McCall

Upside Down Kudu. Away from Western Stereotypes
It has become painfully obvious on analysis of most texts concerning rock art that most scholarly interpretations are skewed dramatically by our western views of the world today. Read more

Australian Developments in the Dating of Rock Art

Rock Picture Dating

TRACCE no. 5 – by Claire Smith

Australian Developments in the Dating of Rock Art
This paper arises from discussion which occurred during the First Australian Workshop on Rock Picture Dating, held at Sydney earlier this year. Read more

Aboriginal Rock Art

Cathedral Cave

TRACCE no. 4 – by Chris Kirtley

Aboriginal Rock Art, Carnarvon National Park, Queensland, Australia
Carnarvon Gorge, near the town of Roma (some 400 km west of the Queensland State capital of Brisbane), is something of a shangri-la. Read more